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Note: If there is an updated version of an application available and this updated version works in ReactOS, please update the entry in the list accordingly!

You can download and try ReactOS 0.3.11 e.g from [1] try it with e.g vmware and please help us with testing software.

Possible statuses

Status Description
Works There is no issue
Failed This does not work
Run w/o result Run without fundamental functionality
Not tested No test has been performed.

Stuff in Downloader

Software/Stage Installation Application Comments
7-Zip Works Works
AbiWord 2.6.4 Works Works
AC97 Driver for VirtualBox Not tested Not tested
Audio Grabber 1.83 SE Works Works
Diablo 2 Shareware Works Works To prevent crashing ReactOS you have to cancel the video test when asked after installation. Install Zeckensack's Glide Wrapper and then run Diablo II.exe with parameters " -w glide".
DosBox Works Works
Firefox 2.0 Works Works
Firefox 3.0.9 Works Works crashes often + font-bug
FreeBASIC Works Works
IrfanView 4.23 Not tested Not tested Requires mfc42.dll.
IrfanView Plugins Not tested Not tested Requires mfc42.dll.
LBreakout2 Works Works You have to replace its DLL with the SDL libraries linked in Downloader!
LGeneral 1.1 Works Works You have to replace its DLL with the SDL libraries linked in Downloader!
LMarbles Works Works You have to replace its DLL with the SDL libraries linked in Downloader!
Microsoft XML 3 Not tested Not tested
MinGW Works Works
Miranda IM 0.7.4-unicode Works Not tested Requires msvcp60.dll.
mIRC Works Works
Off By One Browser Works Works .
Open Office 2.4 Works Works a lot of graphical bugs
Open Office 3.1 Works Failed
OpenTTD Not tested Not tested
Opera 9.63 Works Works It freezes as soon as you press a key
Putty Works Works Data can not be input in its textboxes.
ReactOS Build Environment Works Not tested
Samba TNG Works Works
ScummVM 1.0 Works Works
SDL Mixer Works Works
SDL Runtime Works Works
SeaMonkey 1.1.16 Failed Works Setups hangs at "a little housekeeping" but after a restart the program works and is usable. Same problems as Firefox 3.x
SMPlayer Works Works It first slows down ReactOS but works then.
Thunderbird Works Works
Tile World Not tested Not tested
TuxPaint 0.9.21 Works Works The sound (yes,it has sound) stutters.
uTorrent Failed Failed Downloading the installation works. Selecting other language than English freezes the setup, application doesn't show any visible window after executing. After restart the *installed* application offers to install again - counts as failed installation.
Visual Basic 5 Runtime Works Not tested
Visual Basic 6 Runtime Works Not tested
Visual Studio 2005 Runtime Works Not tested
Visual Studio 2005 Runtime SP1 Works Not tested
Visual Studio 2008 Runtime Failed Not tested
VLC Media Player 1.03 Works Works
WinBoard Not tested Not tested
zeckensack's glide wrapper Works Not tested

Stuff not on the Downloader list

Software/Stage Installation Application Comments
Adobe Flash Player 10 Works Works Works with little pauses, in high definition it may crash (tested with Firefox 2.0).
Adobe Reader 6 Works Works Has graphical problems and other errors but shows fine the PDF document.
Adobe Reader 7.1.0 Not tested Not tested
Adobe Reader 9 Not tested Not tested Firefox plugin doesn't work
Audacity 1.2.6 Works Not tested The program has a lot of graphical glitches and errors. It hasn't been tested.
aMSN Messenger 0.97.2 Works Failed Can't log in.
Aston shell 1.9.6 Works Run w/o result Shell Set error: HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Winlogon writing error.
Ccleaner 2.20.920 Works Works With a lot of graphical problems.
Design Works Lite 4.2 Works Works Mouse drag leaves rectangles on the design but disappears after minimize.
Download Master v. Not tested Not tested
Emesene Messenger 1.0.2 Works Failed Can't be run (normal and debug mode of emesene).
Firefox 1.5 Works Works Works without problems.
Firefox 3.5 Works Works crashes often + font-bug
foobar2000 Works Works Some minor graphical glitches, audio plays correctly sequentially (seeking doesn't work much).
Foxit Reader 3.0 Failed Not tested It doesn't install, tries to launch the program directly but fails. See #4113
Gimp 2.6.6 Works Failed GIMP startup failed: The instruction at "0x7c907bf7" refered memory at "0x006e006d". The memory could not be "written".
Google Earth 4.3 Works Works It's slow but works fine, crashes sometimes.
Grid Wars 5.4 N/A (archive file) Failed Open program, and nothing happens.
iDeaS beta2 N/A (archive file) Works Only thing I could find that didn't work was zooming and rotating (even sound works!)
InfraRecorder 0.46.2 Works Failed Can be installed but can't be used.
Internet Explorer 7 (for XP) Failed Not tested The installer failed: The instruction at "0x67ad218f" refered memory at "0x00000024". The memory could not be "read".
Java Runtime Environment (J2RE) 6u17 Not tested Not tested
Katawa Shoujo Act 1 v2 Works Failed When attempting to launch the program, gives following error: "The instruction at "0x10001684" referenced memory at "0x0009020". The memory could not be "read"." Note that Act 1 v1 worked on ReactOS 0.3.10
KDE 4.3.4 (latest) Not tested Not tested
kdewin-installer-gui-0.9.5-0.exe Run w/o result Run w/o result The installer can't download anything (neither the binaries nor the sources).
kdewin-installer-gui-0.9.6-5.exe Not tested Not tested
Microsoft Silverlight Not tested Not tested
Microsoft Visual C++ 2005 Redistributable Works Not tested
Microsoft Works 8.5 Not tested Not tested
Narcissu 1.0E Works Failed Goes to the title screen and has perfect sound, but freezes when you click the program window
.NET Framework 1.0 Not tested Not tested
.NET Framework 1.1 Works Not tested
.NET Framework 3.5 Run w/o result Not tested The installer: You do not have sufficient privileges to run this application.
Picasa 2 Works Works Works fine, only GUI problems with the name of labels and folders.
Picasa 3 Works Failed The Picasa 3 can be runned but the Picasa 3 freeze and you can´t do nothing.
Project64 1.6 Not tested Not tested
PCSX2 0.9.6 Not tested Not tested
QIP 2005 build 8095 Works Failed Stalls at splash screen (Killed via taskmgr after several minutes of 100% CPU usage).
Snes9X v1.51 Works Run w/o result Application works, but cannot run any games.
Sudoku (PortableApps) Works Works Works fine without problems.
Sumatra PDF 0.9.3 Works Works There are problems with the GUI.
Total Commander 7.04a Works Works Installation and GUI problems but works fine.
Total Commander 7.50a Works Failed Can run but don´t work.
True Remembrance 1.04E Works Failed Program window is just white.
Unreal Commander 0.96 (build 754) Works Failed Only thing that shows up is an error window "Class not found".
VLC Media Player 0.8.6i Works Works Open File (NOT Quick Open File) will cause the player to disappear but it still runs in the background.
Wine Gecko Not tested Not tested
Wxtide32 Works Failed Application Error: Instruction at "0x7c90e582" referenced memory at "0x205810dc". The memory could not be "read".
Yahoo messenger Failed Not tested The installer doesn't work.
Yahoo messenger 10.0 Failed Not tested The installer doesn't work.
YSFlight Not tested Not tested
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VMware Graphics Drivers

VMware Version Installation Comments
VMware Server 1.0.9 Works
VMware Workstation 6.0.4 Not tested
VMware Workstation 6.5.0 Not tested
VMware Workstation 6.5.2 Not tested

Virtualbox Graphics Drivers

VBox Version Installation Comments
VBox 2.0.8 Not tested
VBox 2.2.0 Not tested
VBox 2.2.4 Not tested