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Please only add tests that are really acting random and cannot be simply fixed.

Updating the list

Testman fetches the current version from the SVN repo. To update the blacklist, checkout testman from svn://svn.reactos.org/web/trunk/www/www.reactos.org/drupal/sites/all/modules/reactos/testman/, locate and update blacklist.txt and commit.

The list

  • dinput:mouse
  • gdi32:mapping
  • gdiplus:graphics - flaky
  • kernel32:loader
  • kernel32:mailslot
  • msi:msi
  • msxml3:domdoc
  • ntdll:file - flaky
  • ntdll:info - number of tests/failures depends on the number of running processes which may vary between runs* quartz:referenceclock
  • shell32:appbar
  • urlmon:url - (Alex: is wildly random/erratic, I believe due to ws2_32:sock)
  • user32:msg - number of tests/failures is quite random (it must be due to TrackMouseEvent but there may be more reasons)
  • user32:menu
  • user32:win - number of tests/failures is quite random
  • wininet:http
  • ws2_32:sock