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Welcome to the Testing Central! Here we can coordinate our efforts, this is useful in case you don't have access to or aren't in IRC. To fill the tables just follow the easy understandable guidelines. If you don't understand them please ask in the IRC channel #reactos-testers. Thanks!


Here any developer can ask testers for a test: i.e. a testbox, an application, or a patch. The request can be fulfilled just by a developer. Testers can fill in the result report. While you are about to test a revision, change the tester field and set the LRT to T+number(i.e. T40020) so other testers know you are testing this revision. After testing and knowing the result change the T to R (i.e. R40020) and update the result field.

  • DEV: Name of the developer who asked for a test.
  • Request: A short description ( i.e. Test for FF mouse bug).
  • Application/TestBox: A link to the application (if needed), please use Wiki syntax.
  • Way of Testing: A link to a Bugzilla report where the testing steps are described or a short overview of how to test. Please try to keep it short.
  • Tester: The name of the tester who did the testing.
  • LRT (Last Revision Tested): Add a letter before the number, T means currently testing, R means tested
  • RES: Results of the test: failed or no failure.

Dev Request App/TestBox Way of Testing Tester LRT Res:
Devname Short Description Download it:HERE Open the menu and check if font spacing still wrong, etc. TestrNam r40xxx FAIL


Here any developer or tester who finds a regression can add a line, so that testers can easily keep track of running regression tests and to allow the coordination of the efforts. If you discovered the regression then add your name, the regression description and in which Virtual Machines did you test it. Also add a revision where the bug was not present and the failing one (if you have that information). If you are regression testing, then add (don't delete others testing efforts) the testing revision that you are going to test in the testing field (add your 4 first nick letters). If there are more testers regtesting you will see the revisions they are going to test. It will help you to choose the most interesting revision. We recommend the binary search. When you finished testing a revision, update the Working/Failing and the VMW/QEM/VBX columns. Also delete your testing revision number from the testing.

  • Name: The name of the developer or tester who found the regression.
  • Regression: Description of the regression, or a link to a Bugzilla report.
  • VMWA : "Yes" if the regression happens in VMware, "NO" if doesn't. "NTD" if Not Tested.
  • QEMU : "Yes" if the regression happens in QEMU, "NO" if doesn't. "NTD" if Not Tested.
  • VBOX : "Yes" if the regression happens in VirtualBox, "NO" if doesn't. "NTD" if Not Tested.
  • RHDW : "Yes" if the regression happens in Real Hardware, "NO" if doesn't. "NTD" if Not Tested.
  • WRKs: Number of the revision where the bug isn't present.
  • Fails: Number of the revision where the bug is failing.
  • Testing: Before going to test (before downloading the revision indeed) add your number and your three letters here (i.e. 40100VIC).
Name Regression VMWA QEMU VBOX RHDW Works Fails Testing
DEV/TES Regression description YES YES NTD NTD 40102 40235 40180CAE,40210VIC,40150AMI,
vicmarcal LMarbles doesn't run YES NTD NTD NTD 0.3.8 r39550 SOLVED: Download the SDK from the Downloader,copy in LMarbles overwritting.Done.
Ey3 Acrobat Reader 6 NTD NTD NTD YES r39653 r39654 Still present in r43812. Guilty commit: r39654 - "Fixes #4114"
vicmarcal Notepad Lite YES NTD NTD NTD r39653 r39654 Guilty commit: 39654.Fixes bug #4114


IMPORTANT NOTICE: Testing APPS is being currently moved to the greatest, impresive, astonishing and new Compatibility Database. So it will keep the Database updated and at the same time we can track easily GoldenApps and CandidateApps.The current tables will be adapted to link to those Apps in Compatibility Database.If you want to search GoldenApps and CandidateApps just write GoldenApps in the SearchBox. As this tracks just revisions and not releases, select in the Options just to show Revisions. More info soon...

This sectidon is divided in 2 tables.

  • GoldenAPPS: The "GoldenApps Table" tracks the most important working apps which nowadays are working correctly on ReactOS.
  • CandidateAPPs: The "CandidateAPPs Table" tracks non working apps which must be tracked because of their importance. They will be moved to "GoldenApps" when they start working on ReactOS.

If you see an application, which hasn't been tested with a virtual machine that you have installed, then please test it.Then fill the Virtual Machine column,and if you find any Bugs,add them in the debug description(i.e. QEM+VMW: It fails when copying.). If the three virtual machines have the same issue change the QEM+VMW+VBX to ALL.

  • Name: If you are the first testing an application, put your name here. It will be used to contact you if needed.
  • App : Name of the application and the link to download it (required).
  • Rev: Latest revision where the App was working.
  • VMWA: Please add a "Yes" if YOU TESTED it in VMware and it works, "NO" if it isn't working,"NTD" if not tested.
  • QEMU: Please add a "Yes" if YOU TESTED it in Qemu and it works,"NO" if it isn't working "NTD" if not tested.
  • VBOX: Please add a "Yes" if YOU TESTED it in Virtual Box and it works,"NO" if it isn't working "NTD" if not tested.
  • BUG INSTALLING: - Bug during the installation. Format: "Virtual machine or ALL:Description.Bugreport" Please file a bugreport each time you find a bug. Thanks.
  • BUG WORKING: - Bug when working with the application. Same Format as for "Bug installing".


During this Week the Testing Revision will be: 44317

Vic/Bit Firefox 44317 YES NTD YES -All:Uninstalling seems to not work. -VMWA:None
Vic/Bit Firefox 3.0.11 44317 YES NTD YES -All: None -VMWA: Crashs sometimes and shows that it cant connect to the website sometimes (in virtualbox)- basisbit
Vic/Bit K-Meleon 1.5.2 44317 YES NTD YES -VMWA:None -ALL:#4779 shows some menus but crashs after that
Ey3/Bit Adobe Reader 7.1 44317 YES NTD YES -HW: just a bit drawing bugs, almost perfect. -HW: It shows the PDF just if you're on fullscreen mode.
Vic/Bit Foxit Reader 2.0 44317 YES NTD YES -VMWA: #4113still present. ·VBox:None #4113 - mfc42.dll missing-error -VMWA: #3503still present. ·VBox:None #3503
Vic/Elh/Bit Adobe Flash Player 10 44317 YES NTD YES -VBox: None -VMWA: difficult to test because firefox crashs to often, and kmeleon too - basisbit
BasisBit Thunderbird 44317 YES NTD YES -VMWA:None -ALL: AWESOME! works perfectly. tested with an gmail-account - wasn't able to find a bug - even sending with attachments worked!.
Vic/Bit Sunbird 0.9 44317 YES NTD YES -VMWA:None -VMWA:None
Vic/Bit Abiword 2.6.4 44317 YES NTD YES -VMWA:None -VMWA:None
Vic/Bit FAR Manager 1.7 44317 YES NTD YES -VMWA:None -VMWA:None
Vic/Bit Winrar 3.80 44317 YES NTD YES -VMWA:None -VMWA:None
Vic/Bit 7-Zip 4.65 44317 YES NTD Yes -VMWA:None -All: #3710still present.
Vic/Bit DosBox 0.72 44317 YES NTD YES -VMWA:None -VMWA:None
Vic/Bit Mirc 6.35 44317 YES NTD YES -VMWA:None -VMWA:None
Vic/Bit Samba-TNG 41804 YES NTD YES -All:None -VMWA:None
Vic/Bit IrfanView 4.23 44317 YES NTD YES -VMWA:None VBox: works after adding mfc42.dll -VMWA:None
Vic/Ey3 Notepad Lite 3.3.1 42310 NO NTD NTD -VMWA/HW:None -VMWA/HW:Regression.0.3.9:it doesn't launch. #4461
Vic/Bit SeaMonkey 1.1.17 44317 YES NTD YES -VMWA:None -ALL:You have to launch it from the Manager Profile as always.
Vic/Bit FileZip 3.06 44317 YES NTD YES -VMWA:None -VMWA:None
Vic/Bit AIDA32 3.94 44317 YES NTD YES -VMWA:None -VMWA:None
Vic/Bit UniversalVW 44317 YES NTD YES -VMWA:None -VMWA:None
Vic/Bit SciTE 1.77 44317 YES NTD YES -VMWA:None -VMWA:None
Ey3/Bit VLC Media Player 0.8.0 44317 YES NTD YES -VMWA:None -VMWA:None
Ey3/Bit VLC Media Player 0.8.6i 44317 YES NTD YES -HW: Does not create shortcut on Desktop -HW: Some problems on menu bar, but it can play big videos very smoothly, move window while playing, use timeline to skip parts quickly and with great stability! VMWA: sound didn't work for me-basisbit


Vic,Jedi,(Bit) Opera 9.64 44317 NTD NTD YES YES NTD VMWA/VBOX:None VMWA/VBOX/ViPC7:None - @Jedi and Vic: doesn't it crash for you if you type something in Opera?- basisbit

It hangs - Jedi

Vic/Bit/Ey3 Chrome 2.0.174 44317 NO NTD NO NTD NTD VMWA: Doesn't get installed. #4117 VBOX: Install fails. Error 103. #4713 HW: It keeps saying "Initialising" in a loop.
Ey3/Bit Word Viewer 2003 44317 NO NTD NO NTD NO All: none VMWA: It doesn't launch. #4587
Ey3/Bit Excel Viewer 2003 44317 NO NTD NO NTD NO HW: None HW: It doesn't launch. Then it tries to run in safe mode, but fails again.#4466
Ey3 Powerpoint Viewer 2003 42470 YES NTD YES NTD YES VBOX/VMWA/HW: None VBOX/VMWA/HW: None - not online at microsoft.com any more...
Ey3/Bit OpenOffice 3.1.1 44317 NO NTD NO NTD NO HW: Installation fails because MSVCR90.dll was not found. See also #4084
Vic/Bit, Jedi-to-be Total Commander 7.04a 42470


Vic/Bit Net Framework 3.0 42470 NO NTD NO NTD NO VMWA: Error:"Insuficient privileges." #4470
Vicmarcal, Jedi-to-be Java 6.13 41233


NO NTD NTD NO NTD VMWA,ViPC7:None VMWA,ViPC7: Error the memory could not be read #4176
Ey3 Microsoft Office 2003 43812 NO NTD NO NTD NO HW: It does no longer freeze. It stops telling "Installation interrupted because of an error"

App related bug reports


  • make sure the bug happens only in ReactOS and isn't a bug that also happens in windows. If it happens in both then you should consult with the applications support or Dev team.

What makes an APP Important

The apps being tracked are not being tracked because of only their popularity or because someone likes the app a lot, there are more important reasons.

  • The app makes use of some critical part of the operating system, and it may be able to show progression or regression that will affect many other apps.
  • The app meets common needs that are needed on most systems.
  • The app is needed for development of the operating system.

Because tracking too many apps at this level of detail is difficult you should not add just another app to the list. New additions to this list should be discussed with Fireball,Caemyr,vicmarcal on IRC or their talk page. But before that you should ask yourself these questions:

  • Will this app test many different parts of the operating system?
  • Does this app do something that will help with testing or development by tracking its usage?
  • Are there no apps that do what this app does, being tracked already?
  • Do you have a good reason for wanting this particular app to be tracked?

If you can honestly answer yes to 2 of the first 3 and the forth then you might consider asking in IRC about adding it.

My app doesn't meet these requirements but I still want it to be tracked

You can track the app yourself but note that it will be your responsibility to test your apps and report any bugs. You must also make sure the bugs are not reproducible on the current version/versions of Windows, in case the bug is in the app and not in the operating system. If you're still interested copy the following code to your user page and fill it out. You can put multiple app entry's in one table for more than one app. This template is for your benefit and won't currently help anyone else yet, but, it will let you keep track of your apps and associated bugs.