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This Template is only for contributors to the ReactOS which named on a pages like our Changelogs. Below you can find a list of params.

param description
name real name of Developer
image* name of uploaded image
image_title* description of this image
positon* ReactOS position (look into People of ReactOS for possible values, and without the ReactOS in position description)
developer* possible active, inactive or gone
translator* if translations are done, set language code, like de, ru, fr, ko, zh, ...
contributor* set this to true if the person has no position, is not developer, and if he/she has done more than translations or no translations
svn_name** commit name of the developer
irc_name* IRC Chatname of the contributor
location* prefere to first list the country and then city, e.g Cuba, Havanna
first_commit** if known set date of first commit
last_commt*** if known set date of last commit
commit_count*** set total count of commits (this might help)
email* use {{@}} template to chiffre the @ sign
homepage* link to homepage/blog, wiki user pages should be placed into the page under links

* this param is optional
** this is a param only for developers
*** this is a param only for developers that are gone