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Windows KbdFile structure.

 typedef struct tagKbdLayer
    struct _MODIFIERS* pCharModifiers;
    struct _VK_TO_WCHAR_TABLE* pVkToWcharTable;
    struct _DEADKEY* pDeadKey;
    struct _VSC_LPWSTR* pKeyNames;
    struct _VSC_LPWSTR* pKeyNamesExt;
    USHORT** pKeyNamesDead;
    USHORT* pusVSCtoVK;
    BYTE bMaxVSCtoVK;
    struct _VSC_VK* pVSCtoVK_E0;
    struct _VSC_VK* pVSCtoVK_E1;
    ULONG fLocaleFlags;
    BYTE nLgMax;
    BYTE cbLgEntry;
    struct _LIGATURE1* pLigature;
    DWORD dwType;
    DWORD dwSubType;
 } KbdLayer, *PKbdLayer;
 typedef struct tagKbdNlsLayer
    USHORT OEMIdentifier;
    USHORT LayoutInformation;
    UINT NumOfVkToF;
    struct _VK_TO_FUNCTION_TABLE* pVkToF;
    INT NumOfMouseVKey;
    PUSHORT pusMouseVKey;
 } KbdNlsLayer, *PKbdNlsLayer;
 typedef struct tagKBDFILE
    HEAD head;
    struct _tagKBDFILE* pkfNext;
    HANDLE hBase;
    PKbdLayer pKbdTbl;
    ULONG Size;
    PKbdNlsLayer pKbdNlsTbl;
    WCHAR awchDllName[32];


  • Windows Symbol files, userkdx.dll, W7U symbols.