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This is a list of members of the DDRAWI_DIRECTDRAW_GBL struct that Microsoft's DirectDraw sets when used by our ddraw demo and our does not or that we do not set correctly. (I did not compare all the values, but a few). If you don't know what this is it is not of interrest for you.

I did not check yet the contents of any pointers, just if they are set.


 DWORD                   dwRefCnt; // we set it to 2 (???) 
 VIDMEMINFO              vmiData; // we use that struct but do not fill it (!!!!)
 DWORD                   dwFlags; // set to 562053160   
 DWORD                   dwInternal1; // set to 2306  
 DDCORECAPS              ddHELCaps; // not filled at all by us
 LPVOID                  lpDriverHandle; 
 DWORD                   dwNumFourCC; // set to 17   
 DWORD                   dwNumModes;  // set to 1 
 LPDDHALMODEINFO         lpModeInfo; 
 DBLNODE                 dbnOverlayRoot; // not filled at all by us
 DWORD                   dwSaveNumModes; // set to 1 
 DDCORECAPS              ddBothCaps; // not filled at all by us
 LPVOID                  gpbmiSrc;   
 PVOID                   gpbmiDest; 
 DWORD                   dwNumZPixelFormats; // set to 3 
 LPDDPIXELFORMAT         lpZPixelFormats;       
 RECT                    rectDesktop; // set to screen res 
 ULONG_PTR               lpD3DHALCallbacks3;     
 DDSCAPSEX               ddsCapsMore;

ddCaps member in GBL (DDCORECAPS)

 DWORD   dwCaps; // different value     
 DWORD   dwCaps2; 
 DWORD   dwCKeyCaps;    
 DWORD   dwFXCaps;   
 DWORD   dwZBufferBitDepths;     
 DWORD   dwMaxVisibleOverlays;  
 DWORD   dwNumFourCCCodes;  
 DWORD   dwAlignBoundaryDest;    
 DWORD   ddsCaps.dwCaps;        
 DWORD   dwMinOverlayStretch;    
 DWORD   dwMaxOverlayStretch;   
 DWORD   dwMinLiveVideoStretch; 
 DWORD   dwMaxLiveVideoStretch;  
 DWORD   dwMinHwCodecStretch;    
 DWORD   dwMaxHwCodecStretch;    
 DWORD   dwSVBCaps;      
 DWORD   dwMaxVideoPorts;   
 DWORD   dwCurrVideoPorts;  
 DWORD   dwSVBCaps2;