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ChangeLog-0.1.1 Shell: Changed default shell to cmd.exe; User32: Win 95/NT/4/5 Window look;






  • Basic support to display NTFS streams (Martin Fuchs)
  • Context menu implementation for desktop window (Martin Fuchs)
  • Beginning of drag'n'drop support on the desktop (Martin Fuchs)
  • Implementation of control panel folder (Martin Fuchs)
  • Now using a light weight approach without button controls (Martin Fuchs)
  • Now a icon cache for start menu and quick launch bar (Martin Fuchs)
  • Direct file system gains a huge speedup for the start menu (Martin Fuchs)
  • Start menu now can be used by keyboard navigation (Martin Fuchs)
  • Size of notification area and quicklaunch bar in the desktop bar are now automatically adjusted (Martin Fuchs)
  • Better looking icons with 4, 8 and 32 bit colors (Everaldo Coelho)


  • Icon alignment algorithms (Martin Fuchs)
  • Fixed RecursiveCreateDirectory() (Martin Fuchs)
  • Context menu for desktop bar (Martin Fuchs)
  • Property sheet dialogs (Martin Fuchs)
  • Desktop settings dialog sheet (Martin Fuchs)
  • Draw button control with original border; focus handling in property sheet (Martin Fuchs)
  • Fix to correctly display notification icons of some applications (Martin Fuchs)
  • Use PostMessage(WM_SYSCOMMAND) instead of ShowWindowAsync(SW_MINIMIZE) to minimize application windows when clicking on the taskbar (Martin Fuchs)
  • Fix determination of the last foreground window (Martin Fuchs)
  • Included NT Object namespace as virtual file system (Martin Fuchs)
  • Re-activate already open shell/ntobj child windows instead of opening new windows (Martin Fuchs)
  • Included Registry as virtual file system (Martin Fuchs)
  • Display types of files, NT objects and registry key/entries (Martin Fuchs)
  • New 'content' column to display symbolic link targets (Martin Fuchs)
  • Display pseudo-file attributes "link" and "executable" (Martin Fuchs)
  • Implemented context menu for file child windows (Martin Fuchs)
  • Integrated new startmenu side bar logo (Paulo Correasilva)
  • Minimize all button (Martin Fuchs)
  • Portugese translation (Paulo Silva)
  • First version of web control embedding (Martin Fuchs)
  • Desktop switching (Martin Fuchs)
  • Japanese resource (Masahiro Taguchi)
  • Better foreground window handling (Martin Fuchs)
  • Display status texts (Martin Fuchs)
  • First draft of a lean explorer version (Martin Fuchs)
  • Display a "not yet implemented" error message for the following start menu entries: printers, network, RAS (Martin Fuchs)
  • Fixed more GDI handle leaks (Martin Fuchs)
  • Set background brush for the short moment of displaying the background color while moving foreground windows (Martin Fuchs)
  • Fix taksbar icons after closing previous applications (Martin Fuchs)
  • Fixed bug #224 (Martin Fuchs)




  • XMLStorage update: XMLReaderBase (Martin Fuchs)
  • Re-enable DesktopWindow::OnDefaultCommand to open explorer windows on desktop double clicks (Martin Fuchs)
  • Fix opening explorer sub folders in MDI mode - problem spotted and debugged by Ge van Geldorp (Martin Fuchs)
  • Scroll mode for very long start menus (Martin Fuchs)
  • Capture mode while scrolling start menus (Martin Fuchs)
  • Use precompiled headers for VC++ builds (Martin Fuchs)
  • Don't delete icons that we got by WM_GETICON or GetClassIcon (Filip Navara)
  • Integrate optional SDI mode into main explorer branch (Martin Fuchs)
  • Show waitcursor when switching to anotehr dir (Martin Fuchs)
  • ShellBrowserChild: jump to addressbar target (Martin Fuchs)
  • Handle GetDateFormat) failures (Martin Fuchs)
  • Replace previous favorites start menu folder implementation by fast FavoritesMenu (using the internal XML bookmark informations) (Martin Fuchs)
  • Fix floating favorites menus (Martin Fuchs)
  • Activate web bookmarks in cabinet windows (Martin Fuchs)
  • Awake address bar to life (Martin Fuchs)
  • Simplified chinese resources (Larry Li)
  • Optimize favorites sidebar (Martin Fuchs)
  • Fix Entry::read_tree() and get_next_path_component() (Martin Fuchs)
  • Jump to FileChildWindow's directory when entered in address bar (Martin Fuchs)
  • Immediatelly maximize first MDI child window (Martin Fuchs)


  • Destroy associated listview when IShellView is destroyed. (Filip Navara)
  • Don't allow selecting separators in start menu and avoid nasty refreshing when moving mouse above the left ReactOS Logo bar. (Filip Navara)
  • Execute any file from Start->Run, myFile.doc starts Word for example. (Jens Collin)
  • Scroll mode for very long start menus (Martin Fuchs)
  • Update of xmlstorage and some minor bug fixes (Martin Fuchs)
  • Ignore unexpected exceptions while extracting icons (Martin Fuchs)
  • Fix root path for folders opened from the desktop (Martin Fuchs)
  • Precompiled header support for GCC 3.4.1 (Martin Fuchs)
  • Use same startmenu entries height as MS explorer (Martin Fuchs)
  • Recalculate start menu root position for any call (Martin Fuchs)
  • Display version information in about dialog and on the desktop (Martin Fuchs)
  • Implementation of IServiceprovider interface (Martin Fuchs)
  • Display different drive icons depending on the drive type (Martin Fuchs)
  • Integrate new drive icons of Klemens Friedl (Martin Fuchs)
  • Context menus for qick launch bar (Martin Fuchs)
  • Context menus for start menus (Martin Fuchs)



  • Included winefile into the distribution (Martin Fuchs)
  • Configuration dialog to choose between MDI and SDI mode with persistent storage (Martin Fuchs)
  • Now handle "." and ".." as special direcory names and move them at the very first beginning of directory listings (Martin Fuchs)
  • Moved direct version output from explorer into the kernel (Martin Fuchs)
  • Encoding of quotation marks and apostrophs in bookmark link addresses (Martin Fuchs)
  • Designed Shell About dialog more Windows-like (Klemens Friedl)
  • Adjusted about dialog to ROS font sizes (Klemens Friedl)


  • support for owner drawn context menus (Martin Fuchs)
  • changed icon symbols


  • Stepwise taskbar resizing (charn)
  • Swedish translation (David Nordenberg (dnordenberg /at/
  • Added option to build Explorer as ReactOS shell without integrated Explorer part (Martin Fuchs)
  • Display of custom folders in start menu root (Martin Fuchs)
  • Fixed listbox insertion algorithms (Martin Fuchs)
  • Czech translation of Explorer ([1]Luk Frolka)
  • Russian translation (done by Dmitry Philippov; checked by fireball, DarkHobbit and others)
  • French translation (Hervé Poussineau)
  • Split big Explorer resource file into smaller, language-specific resource scripts (Martin Fuchs)
  • Implemented part of screensaver functions: get values from reg, and show screensaver (sikker2004)


  • Fix double-clicking Control Panel items (Gé van Geldorp)
  • Handle .msi files (Gé van Geldorp)
  • Fix icon alignment when the screen width is not a multiple of the icon spacing (Gé van Geldorp)
  • Make the explorer taskbar look a bit nicer (Filip Navara)
  • Fix the taskbar button resizing to account for button spacing. (Filip Navara)
  • Update spanish translation (Filip Navara, patch from Patricio Martínez)
  • new tool bar icons for the drive bar (Martin Fuchs)
  • dynamic explorer start menu sidebar size (Martin Fuchs)
  • new, smaller startmenu pictures using the dynamic explorer start menu sidebar feature (Magnus Olsen)
  • MDI/SDI option dialog: pictures for illustration, remove resizable flag (Martin Fuchs)
  • new option to open explorer subfolders in separate windows (Martin Fuchs)
  • fix directory traversing in explorer SDI windows (Martin Fuchs)
  • fix tree list image loading (Martin Fuchs)
  • complete german resources for explorer (Martin Fuchs)
  • "execute" menu entry (Martin Fuchs)
  • activate execution from command bar (Martin Fuchs)
  • fix UNICODE control panel calls to handle double clicks on the task bar clock (Martin Fuchs)
  • one-click activation of "Start" button (Martin Fuchs)
  • implemented command line parser for Explorer (Martin Fuchs)
  • Fix for Bug 330: Correctly handle WM_COMMAND messages in web windows without web control (Martin Fuchs)
  • replace "search computer" start menu entry by a "not yet implemented" message (Martin Fuchs)


  • rearrange start menu (Ged Murphy)
    • move apps into applications folder
    • put solitaire and winemine into games folder
  • test version of startmenu root with big icons (Martin Fuchs)
  • Adjust for Visual Studio 2005: (Martin Fuchs)
    • switch to standard conform CRT function names
    • use secure CRT functions where available
    • use COUNTOF instead of hard coded buffer sizes
    • project files in new format for manifest integration
    • simplify secure function usage using template overloads
    • struct FileHolder to encapsulate _tfopen/_tfopen_s()
  • integrate replacement function for SHBindToParent() (Martin Fuchs)
  • fix bug 1139: disable printer submenu folder in "settings" start menu (Martin Fuchs)


  • Explorer : Include sndvol32 in the bootcd to fix a file not found error. Fixes bug 1754. (Brandon Turner)
  • Add library to deal with recycle bin (not used yet) (Hervé Poussineau)


  • Explorer does not leak icons and bitmaps anymore (see Bug #1554) (Timo Kreuzer)