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* added icons for the device image list ([[Ged Murphy]])
* added icons for the device image list ([[Ged Murphy]])
* Search the best driver for a device ([[Hervé Poussineau]])
* Search the best driver for a device ([[Hervé Poussineau]])
* Fix a question about formatting appearing 2 times ([[Colin Finck]], bug #1964).
* Reduce the access rights for the partition list ([[Eric Kohl]], [[Pierre Schweitzer]], bug #2293)
* Remove an unused Buffer variable in the SetupCopyFile function ([[Pierre Schweitzer]])
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[[User:BrentNewland|BrentNewland]] 04:56, 4 March 2012 (UTC)

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Notification to Collibri

Is Collibri aware of this effort? Are the two of you collaborating? -- Lone Rifle 10:25, 4 December 2008 (UTC)

I've talked with him about my plans with his project, yes. He is however not convinced that NetBSD as a temporary foundation for the installer is the way to go and will continue with his own project. -- Elledan 12:12, 4 December 2008 (UTC)

NetBSD is an operating system of its own, why should ROS parts use another OS when We're trying to use NT4? Iyeru 16:17, 11 December 2008 (UTC)

NetBSD will be used until ReactOS is mature enough to support all of the network and other installation options (USB, SATA, SCSI sources). I chose NetBSD in this case because the installer is not a part of the OS itself and I had the opportunity to use production-level software without impacting the ReactOS project in any negative way.


ChangeLog-0.0.17: Added system independant install utility

ChangeLog-0.0.21#SYSTEM Initial implementation of setup application

ChangeLog-0.1.0 System: USetup - Installation utility


  • Usetup: Inf-parser based on Alexandre Julliard's setupapi inf-parser (Eric Kohl)
  • Usetup: Implemented InfGetXxxField() functions. (Eric Kohl)
  • Usetup: Import of default registry settings from .inf files (Eric Kohl)


  • Usetup.exe: Format/partitioning support vastly improved, Cabinet support

ChangeLog-0.2.1 Setupapi.dll

ChangeLog-0.2.2 Setupapi.dll


  • Implement dummy device settings pages (Eric Kohl)
  • Hide the cursor at startup (Eric Kohl)
  • Implement a generic selection list (Eric Kohl)
  • Use selection list in device settings pages.
  • Read device settings from txtsetup.sif (Eric Kohl)
  • Set selected keyboard layout and install language (Eric Kohl)
  • Implement mouse driver autodetection and installation (Eric Kohl)
  • Disable non-functional settings pages (Computer, Display and Keyboard settings) (Eric Kohl)
  • Add display type (VGA or VESA) selection (Eric Kohl)
  • Implement the ability to write the bootcode to a floppy disk (Eric Kohl)


  • Improved appearance of the first-stage installer (Alex Ionescu)

Setupapi.dll is a Win32 library


  • Work by Hervé Poussineau on devices enumeration by implementing:
    • CM_Enumerate_Classes(_Ex)
    • SetupDiCreateDeviceInfoA
    • SetupDiCreateDeviceInfoListExW
    • SetupDiEnumDeviceInfo
    • SetupDiGetActualSectionToInstallA
    • SetupDiGetClassDescriptionExA
    • SetupDiGetClassDevs(Ex)A/W
    • SetupDiGetDeviceInterfaceDetailA/W
    • SetupDiGetDeviceRegistryPropertyA/W

(Eric Kohl) implemented:

    • ConcatenatePaths
    • MyGetFileTitle
    • GetVersionInfoFromImage
    • StringTableDuplicate

ChangeLog-0.2.8 SETUPAPI

  • Implemented:
    • SetupDiBuildDriverInfoList
    • SetupDiCallClassInstaller
    • SetupDiCreateDeviceInfoW
    • SetupDiEnumDriverInfoA/W
    • SetupDiGetDeviceInstallParamsA
    • SetupDiGetDeviceInterfaceDetailA/W
    • SetupDiGetDeviceRegistryPropertyA/W
    • SetupDiGetSelectedDriverW
    • SetupDiInstallDevice
    • SetupDiInstallDriverFiles
    • SetupDiOpenDeviceInfoA/W
    • SetupDiSelectBestCompatDrv
    • SetupDiSetSelectedDriverW
    • SetupGetInfFileListW
    • SetupGetInfInformationW
    • SetupInstallServicesFromInfSectionA/W
    • SetupInstallServicesFromInfSectionExW (used during device installation, needed for Plug-and-Play) (Hervé Poussineau)

ChangeLog-0.2.9 setupapi.dll

  • Call specified class installer, class coinstallers and device coinstallers (if any) in SetupDiCallClassInstaller. (Hervé Poussineau)
  • Implement SetupDiCreateDevRegKeyW, SetupDiDestroyDriverInfoList, SetupDiGetClassDevPropertySheetsW, SetupDiGetDeviceInfoListDetailW, SetupDiGetDeviceInstallParamsW, SetupDiGetDeviceInstanceIdW, SetupDiGetDriverInfoDetailW, SetupDiOpenDeviceInterfaceA., SetupDiOpenDevRegKey, SetupDiSetDeviceInstallParamsW, SetupDiSetDeviceRegistryPropertyW. (Hervé Poussineau)
  • Better SetupInstallServicesFromInfSectionExW, which takes care of flags and can update configuration of an existing service. (Hervé Poussineau)
  • Add stubs for SetupDiGetClassImageList, SetupDiGetClassImageListExA/W, SetupDiDestroyClassImageList. (Hervé Poussineau)



  • Get the cursor keys on the numpad working (patch by tinus).
  • Use the correct read length in ConReadConsoleInput. (Hartmut Birr)


  • usetup addig follow reslution to select betwin vbe_640x480x16, vbe_800x600x8, vbe_1024x768x8, vbe_1024x768x16 (Magnus Olsen)


  • Implement CM_Add_IDA, CM_Add_IDW, CM_Add_ID_ExA, SetupCopyOEMInfA/W, SetupDiGetActualSectionToInstallExA/W, SetupDiGetClassDevPropertySheetsW, SetupDiGetClassImageIndex, SetupDiGetClassImageList, SetupDiGetClassImageListExA/W, SetupDiGetDeviceInfoListClass, SetupDiGetDeviceInfoListDetailW, SetupDiGetDeviceInstanceIdW, SetupDiGetDriverInfoDetailW, SetupDiGetSelectedDevice, SetupGetInfFileListW, SetupDiInstallClassExA/W, SetupDiInstallDeviceInterfaces, SetupDiLoadClassIcon, SetupDiSetClassInstallParamsW, SetupDiSetSelectedDevice (Hervé Poussineau)
  • Rewrite SetupDiGetActualSectionToInstallExW, to allow the exact semantics (platform extension, version...) (Hervé Poussineau)
  • Select the best driver when several are available (Hervé Poussineau)
  • Take care of Include and Needs directives in .inf files (Hervé Poussineau)



ChangeLog-0.3.3 USETUP

BrentNewland 04:56, 4 March 2012 (UTC)