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You should ask one of the devs how this is meant to be written. At the moment your design is wrong.

Why not bundle Firefox ?

- d0g

It's a waste of time

I think ^-) More browsers in downloader + more powerful downloader = the path - Jedi-to-be

the goal is to make a NT-compatible OS, not another independent and free OS - elhoir

But for a now - there are more important things for devs. May be we should make wine Gecko work? - Jedi-to-be

I'm not going to put a downer on this because i think if done correctly this could be a great project. explorer_new is lacking a file browser and we all know how tightly intergrated Internet Explorer and Explorer.exe are in XP, so maybe this (or at least the UI and a certain amount of code) could be used to implement a new, more efficient and reliable file browser, with web browsing abilities, for ReactOS and explorer_new. Basically i'm saying this could be used as the basis for a native intergrated file and web browser to replace what we have currently. - The123king

I also have quite some reservations about the pertinence of the project. MS got sued for bundling and artificially linking IE to windows and will have to remove it in European versions, so why would ROS go down that track? Besides a "lite" version of IE is an illusion. It will lure the user into expecting a full functionality of IE, only to find an interim downloader for a real browser. And what version will it be compatible with? IE is notorious for not adhering to W3 standards and breaking compatibility even with itself from version to version. What about activeX support? So if the goal is to give user an "IE experience" skinning an existing browser/HTML engine may be a better way? fred02 07:05, 24 April 2009 (UTC)

@fred02: Personally, I'm happy enough with just having the Download! tool. However, ReactOS having it's own Internet Explorer clone might be useful sometimes - for example, some versions of Norton AntiVirus cannot be uninstalled unless you visit the Symantec website and use their online interface - which only works with MS Internet Explorer. GoBusto 09:18, 24 April 2009 (UTC)

Yes, but as I wrote, which version of IE will you want/have it compatible with?

Anyway, an official statement has been made on the forum. --fred02 07:08, 25 April 2009 (UTC)

As I have mentioned before, and I will mention again, this is meant to serve primarily as a test harness for the mshtml library and friends. ask sedwards. it's his idea. -- Lone Rifle 07:46, 25 April 2009 (UTC)

just make Microsoft IE6 to install over ROS