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ReactOS installation in a Proxmox PVE2 virtual environment

I installed many times ReactOS on Virtualbox VM so i tried to go thurther and install ReactOS in a Proxmox PVE2 virtual environment.

Basically Proxmox is a debian box bundled with docker containers and Virtuozzo VZ virtual machines and QEMU, first i tried configuring the VM with SCSI virtual disk and SATA virtual disk but non of them were detected by the installer, the i configured it with IDE virtual disk and i could install ReactOS

USB Keyboard works in ReactOS installation but after 3 seconds it stops responding

When I insert my ReactOS installation CD (or do RamDisk) my keyboard works for 3 seconds during the installation and stops responding. I am using the ReactOS 0.4.13 release with the g2494cfc commit for my installation.

A workaround that I've found is to speedrun the installation by spamming the Enter key. I think this is stupid.

Also I am using one of these keyboards. It's a good one. Image.