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Since this article is linked prominently on the front page, it seems like a concise introduction would be a good idea for the benefit of random people. Right now it seems to be focused more on 'how it's going' than 'what it is'.  :) Maybe something like:


Due to recent pressing concerns within the project about the legal defensibility of some reverse-engineering practices, the repository and official downloads have been taken down pending a full audit of the project's code. Only the audited branch of the svn tree is accessible to the general public, and registered developers will continue to move directories into it that are determined to be 'clean' according to an updated IP policy.

This process is expected to take a matter of months. The overall progress will be shown on the project's home page until the audit is complete.


I'm too shy to go ahead and post it, though.  ;) What do people think? --Winterwing 13:23, 9 February 2006 (CET)