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I'm glad my frustrations were unfounded, but we probably need more PR on these things. This is more than a random shy person should have to do.  ;) --Winterwing 00:48, 19 February 2006 (CET)

Unneccesary subfolders in the list?

There's something that confuses me (and maybe others, too?): Sometimes there are both folders and their subfolders in the list. Now what does it mean, if a folder is marked [DONE]? Does it mean all files from that folder and the subfolders or done, or only the files in that specific folder? Examples:

reactos/lib/keyboard/ [OK:encoded]

There are no files in keyboard, so I guess, everything is clean.

reactos/lib/user32/ [DONE] [A:jimtabor]
reactos/lib/user32/controls/ [DONE] [WINE] [A:jimtabor]
reactos/lib/user32/windows/ [DONE] [WINE]

This is even more confusing, as the parentfolder is marked clean and some subfolders are also and some are not. If a folder is completely done, why not remove the subfolders from the list? This would make the list more clear. If it only means that all files in that specific folder are clean, than it should be stated somewhere to prevent confusing. --ThePhysicist 03:40, 3 March 2006 (CET)


Who is doing the audit anyways, just some joe shmoe or someone important? :) Davethewave


"Upheaval, plague and famines" doesn't seem too formal for me. Let's not fall for "delicious delicacies".