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Running Network Applications

If you get something working, please update this with details on which program you got working, what version, and what build of ROS you got it working on

I am adding it here to suggest possible applications to fill each category. feel free to add.

  • Mozilla Firefox
    • Optional: Opera 8.5. Not open source, but if works, it already has a mail client
    • ToDo
  • at least one working mail client
    • Thunderbird or Opera 8.5
    • ToDo
  • at least one working IRC client
    • mIRC, ???
    • ToDo
  • at least one working FTP client
    • Web browsers usually work as ftp at least for basic uses
    • ToDo
  • at least one working IM client
    • GAIM
    • ToDo
  • at least one working SSH client
    • PuTTY
    • ToDo
  • other things that have been verified to work