Supported Hardware/Wireless Network cards

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Supported Hardware/Network cards

Please update this page with the status of each wireless NIC that is tested. Try to test a Windows XP driver and if that fails try a Windows 2000 driver (but be sure to mention the failure of the XP driver in your comments). AS YOU CAN SEE, ITS LISTED ALPHABETICALLY, SO PLEASE COMPLY TO THIS ORDER.

Please retest all NICs that have not been tested since at least r55000

Possible statuses

Status Description
Works Works without any major problems
Not tested No test has been performed.
Failed Fails to work or crashes ROS

Tested NICs

NIC Chipset Status Revision Comments Tester Driver Target OS
3COM Parallel Tasking 40-0282 ??? 5XXXX See bug #XXXX. Add the DriverVer line to the INF and it works fine. SomeGuy Windows 2000
3COM Parallel tasking II Performance 40-0336-004 ??? 4XXXX See bug 2 below, you need to use expand.exe on EL90XND5.SY_ and copy it to %windir%\system32\drivers. gabriel_it Multisection INF (Windows 2000/Windows XP)}