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(Tested Video cards)
(Tested Video cards)
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! style="background: #ececec;" | ATI Radeon HD 2100 onboard
! style="background: #ececec;" | ATI Radeon HD 2100 onboard
! {{works}}
! {{works}}
! {{not tested}}
! {{works}}
! {{not tested}}
! {{not tested}}
! 42978
! 42978

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Supported Hardware/Video cards

Please update this page with the status of each Video card that is tested. Please add a link to the site where the driver was obtained, driver version and OS version. AS YOU CAN SEE, ITS LISTED ALPHABETICALLY, SO PLEASE COMPLY TO THIS ORDER.

Driver Types

  • VBE driver (vbemp.sys)
    • Supports only graphic cards supporting VESA BIOS version v2.0 and higher.
    • Supports all available resolutions (640x480 and higher)
    • Supports all available color resolutions (8, 16, 24, 32 bits)
  • VGA driver (vgamp.sys)
    • Supports a standard resolution of 640x480x4 (4 bit = 16 colors)
    • Its presence is necessary at all times, for emergency debug fallback.
  • Native driver
    • This is Video Adapter's own Windows driver.

Possible statuses

Status Description
Not tested No test has been performed.
Works Works without any major problems
Inaccurate Outdated / insufficient debugging data
Failed Fails to work or crashes ROS

Tested Video cards

Video VGA VESA Native Revision Comments Tester Download URL
3DFX Voodoo3 16MB Works Works Failed 41438 With VESA driver, supports up to 24bit color depth. Native driver doesnt work see bug no.4354 Haos
ATI 3D Rage II+ Not tested Works Works 41228 Mouse cursor is not being drawn in VGA mode. Haos
ATI Mobitity Radeon 7500 Not tested Works Works Trunk Used ATI Driver from lenovo on a T30, stuck into .iso, installs and shows in device manager, no problems that I saw, worked fine. wasn't able to test any opengl apps though. You can't install drivers from the installer as it doesn't work. Techsalvager

ATI Mobitity Radeon HD 2400 Not tested Works Not tested 0.3.10 live Kario
ATI Radeon 9250 PCI Works Works Not tested 42978 Techsalvager
ATI Radeon HD 2100 onboard Works Works Not tested 42978 Techsalvager

ATI Radeon HD 3100 Graphics Works Works Failed 40825 Driver installation fails (ATI Catalyst™ 9.5 IGP). Unknown link

ATI Radeon X300 PCIe Not tested Works Not tested 42978 Techsalvager

ATI Rage Pro 128 Ultra 32mb Works Works Not tested 41289 InstallShield error prevents native driver test bug no.3740 Unknown
Intel Extreme Graphics (integrated Intel 845GE chipset) Works Works Not tested Missing Unknown
Matrox MGA-100 AGP 2MB Works Works Works 41438 Minor issues, see bug no.4563 Haos
Matrox Millenium G400 AGP 32MB Works Works Works Missing Minor issues, see bug no.4563, opengl ICD doesnt work. Unknown
NVIDIA TNT RIVA 16MB Works Works Failed used drivers 44.x going to test with 71.89 that Haos used on the TNT2 Techsalvager
NVIDIA TNT2 Model 64 32MB Works Works Works 41438 OpenGL ICD doesnt work. Haos Driver
NVIDIA GeForce 4 Ti 128MB Works Works Failed Missing Drivers do not install LinoSP XP/2k
NVIDIA GeForce 5200 128MB Works Failed Failed Missing Out of frequency monitor message when loading third stage (Black Screen). Unknown
NVIDIA GeForce 8200 256MB Not tested Not tested Not tested Missing LinoSP XP-32bit
VIA/S3G UniChrome IGP 64MB (KM400) Works Works Failed 40825 Driver installation fails (KM400/KM266 PRO/P4M800 Chipset VGA Driver). Unknown XP/2K
S3 Trio64+ Works Failed Works Missing Doesnt support VESA 2.0. For VGA, please see point 3 of "Known Issues". With native XP drivers, see bug no.4354 Haos
S3 VIRGE 86c325 Works Failed Not tested Missing Doesnt support VESA 2.0. For VGA, please see point 3 of "Known Issues". Unknown
VM QEMU Cirrus CL-54xx Works Works Works Missing Requires ReactOS VESA driver being present at all times, see bug no.2286 Unknown
VM VirtualBox Video Works Works Works Missing Own driver starts up in 640x480x8, but supports all modes up to 1024x768x32. Necessary for Vbox OpenGL 3d host acceleration passthrough Unknown
VM VMWARE Video Works Works Works Missing Is known to lock up 2nd stage while being installed, sometimes, see bug no.2666 Unknown

Known issues

1. VESA Driver accepts only VESA 2.0 compatible adapters.

2. Some INF files have both Windows 2000 and XP sections, with separate drivers for both. When trying to install Win2k driver version, Reactos is being detected as XP, thus XP driver is attempted to be installed, even though its driver file may be missing in Win2k driver directory. As Reactos doesnt fail when copying nonexistant file, successful installation is reported, alas driver file is not copied to system32\driver directory. This will cause "Successful install, please restart" window to appear at every boot.

3. VGA driver, if chosen is known to fallback to VESA at 3rd stage. See bug 4192