Supported Hardware/Sound cards

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Supported Hardware/Sound Cards

Please update this page with the status of each soundcard that is tested.

Possible statuses

Status Description
Works Works without any major problems
Not tested No test has been performed.
Failed Fails to work or crashes ROS

Tested Soundcards

Soundcard Chipset Status Comments Tester
VM VirtualBox AC97 Works This is known to work best atm, see the installation instructions gabriel_it
VM VMWARE sb16 Works See instructions
VM VMWARE ES1371 Works Broken with VMWare Workstation >= 5.5.2 Didn't work in revisions earlier than 40930. See instructions gabriel_it
ES1370 QEMU ES1370 Works Tested with QEMU 0.9.0 and 0.10.5. See installation instructions. gabriel_it
ES1370 Hardware ES1370 Failed No audio output. Davy Bartoloni
ESS Allegro - ES1988 ES1988 Failed Tested in self compiled rev 41098. ROS crashes after driver installation. Johannes, take a look at the debug log. gabriel_it
Realtek AC'97 Audio for VIA (R) Audio Controller unknown Failed Rev.40825. Successful installation, but Kmixer does not start. Realtek Codec Sound on board driver A3.90(6120)
Crystal SoundFusion unknown Failed See bug 3138

Debugging Soundcards

If you want to help testing soundcards, you'll have to provide a debug log in case of problems, please enable debugging in portcls, \reactos\drivers\wdm\audio\backpln\portcls\private.h; replace #define NDEBUG with #define YDEBUG. Rebuild.

Notes: Testing

Latest versions of Winamp suffer of an annoying bug in ros that won't let you click on it as if the main window were transparent. I've done some tests and the last "clickable" and "working" version is 1.90. After 1.90 Winamp crashes but its main window is still clickable until 2.08. Special pack for ros made from 2.90 + 2.08 here. Gabriel_it