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;[[Supported Hardware]]/[[Supported Hardware/Sound cards|Sound cards]]
===Using Soundblaster 16 in VMware===
===Using Soundblaster 16 in VMware===

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Supported Hardware/Sound cards

Using Soundblaster 16 in VMware

Download the package containing sndblst.sys and sndblst.dll from:

Mount your virtual HDD with the VMware DiskMount Utility or VDK. (Warning: Dont copy them inside ReactOS!)

Syntax: vmware-mount <drive letter>: "<.vmdk file>"
eg: vmware-mount r: "C:\Documents and Settings\Scott\My Documents\My Virtual Machines\ReactOS\ReactOS.vmdk"

Now copy these two files to the corresponding destinations on the newly mounted drive.

  • sndblst.sys to ReactOS\system32\Drivers\sndblst.sys
  • sndblst.dll to ReactOS\system32\mmdrv.dll (Rename the existing file mmdrv.old)

Finally unmount the virtual HDD.

Syntax: vmware-mount <drive letter>: /d
eg: vmware-mount r: /d

Edit your virtual machines .vmx file so its using the appropriate sound card.

Set sound.virtualDev = "sb16"

Note: The registry already has working entries & Drivers from NT4 SP4 and SP6 are rumored to be working... (Update: Fixed to work again in SVN 09/Jan/2005 - Filip)

As a recent update to this article, as of 9/14/07, Silverblade is commiting to SVN various sound and multimedia updates, also called WinMM.

Using AC97 in VirtualBox

See http://www.reactos.org/wiki/index.php/HOWTO/setup_ReactOS_sound_with_VBox