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Supported Hardware/IO controllers

Please update this page with the status of each IO controller that is tested. Please add a link to the site where the driver was obtained, driver version and OS version. AS YOU CAN SEE, ITS LISTED ALPHABETICALLY, SO PLEASE COMPLY TO THIS ORDER.

Driver Types

    • Based on forked UNIATA driver (that has been abandoned)
    • Supports both PATA and SATA IO controllers, listed here.
    • Doesn't support AHCI

  • Native driver
    • This is IO controller's own Windows driver.

Possible statuses

Status Description
Works Works without any major problems
Not tested No test has been performed.
Failed Fails to work or crashes ROS

Tested IO Controllers

Controler Type ATAPI UNIATA Native Revision Comments Tester
Intel PIIX4 ATA-44 controller PCI, PATA onboard 2 port Works Works Not tested 41397 Works in all stages. Hentai
Silicon Image Sil3114 PCI, SATA150 4-port Not tested Works Not tested 41397 Works in all stages. Single drive should be set to CONCATENATE or may not be visible. Haos

VIA VT6421A PCI, SATA150 4-port Not tested Not tested Not tested 41397 Haos

Known issues

1. ReactOS usetup doesnt go very well with partition creation, if its less than all available size.

2. All previous limitations, apart from maximum partition size still apply.