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Arsch Reactos is a Communist Or Stalin Operating System !!!!

Reactos is a Communist Or Stalin Operating System !!!!

Reactos is a Communist Or Stalin Operating System !!!!

Reactos is a Communist Or Stalin Operating System !!!!

Request commit (write) access

Applying for write access

Once you have started submitting patches and new code to the project you can be considered for application. We would prefer not to give access to someone who makes two or three updates and then never again. Also, if you are only going to submit patches now and again, rather just send them to someone who has write access. If, however, you become a contributing developer on a continuing basis, you should definitely consider applying for write access.

Who to ask

Submit your request to Casper Hornstrup at chorns at reactos dot com (compress this into a normal email address) and include your preferred username in the mail. If your request is granted, Casper will create a user for you with the details you specified. You must then use the new account instead of the anonymous account to write to the repository.

Setting a default commit log editor for the Subversion command line client

On Windows, open the text file C:\Documents and Settings\<username>\Application Data\Subversion\config. Put the following two lines in there to set notepad as your default editor:

[helpers] editor-cmd = notepad

Known issues

Svn update says: object with the same name already exists

When you update your working copy with svn update, you may get the following error message:

svn up: "object with the same name already exists"

Subversion displays the error message because the directory is replaced in the repository and your working copy contains data which is unknown to Subversion (you working copy is locally modified). Since Subversion does everything it can to not cause harm to your data, you must remove or move the data which is not in the repository out of the working copy.

This scenario won't happen very often though. You have two options to correct resolve the problem:

  • Remove the affected directory and run svn update again
  • Remove all files and directories in the working copy that are unknown to Subversion and then run svn update again. These are the files and directories that are marked with ? in the output from svn status