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Services.exe is the Service Control Manager, providing an API to control services.

servman.exe functions as services.msc does on Windows.


ChangeLog-0.1.0 Service Control Utility Added (Bn: Might mean Sc.exe)


  • rewrote most of the service manager code (Ged Murphy)



  • Move calls to SetServiceStatus into service.exe (Ged Murphy)


Services (SCM)

  • Made each service have its own named pipe (Gregor Brunmar)
  • Implement the RPC server calls for QueryServiceConfig2 and ChangeServiceConfig2 (Ged Murphy)
  • Add the account name to the QueryServiceConfig RPC call (Ged Murphy)
  • Shutdown services when the SCM is terminated (Ged Murphy)
  • Add basic code for shutting down of the SCM (Ged Murphy)
  • Store the SERVICE_STATUS_HANDLE and use it for setting service status (Ged Murphy)
  • Add functionality for controlling services (Ged Murphy)
  • Receive a client service handle from advapi32 so we can get a permenant link between the SCM and the service (Ged Murphy)