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{{Code history|drivers/storage/scsiport}}
* ScsiPort: Build the hardware device map for each SCSI port ([[Eric Kohl]])
* Device searching ([[Eric Kohl]])
* Implementation of ScsiPortGetPhysicalAddress() and ScsiPortGetVirtualAddress() ([[Eric Kohl]])
* ScsiClassAsynchronousCompletion and ScsiClassReleaseQueue implementations ([[Eric Kohl]])
*Implemented ScsiPortGetPhysicalAddress for Srb buffers ([[Hartmut Birr]])
*Fixed the initializing of the access ranges ([[Hartmut Birr]])
*Rewrote the code which handles processing of irp's and notifications from miniport ([[Hartmut Birr]])
*Changes to make AHA-2940 detect devices ([[Eric Kohl]])
*Added allocation of SrbExtension ([[Filip Navara]])
*Clear data buffer before sending the INQUIRY command ([[Eric Kohl]])
*Initialized the srb on each call to SpiSendInquiry ([[Hartmut Birr]])
*Implemented ScsiPortGetPhysicalAddress also for addresses from sense info buffer ([[Hartmut Birr]])
*Allocated the sense info buffer within contiguous physical memory ([[Hartmut Birr]])
*Don't send an sence request after an error if the miniport driver is autosense-capable ([[Hartmut Birr]])
*Implemented ScsiPortCompleteRequest ([[Hartmut Birr]])
*Fixed the calculation of the max transfer size ([[Hartmut Birr]])
*Rewrote parts of SpiScanAdapter and SpiSendInquiry to speed up device detection ([[Hartmut Birr]])
*Fixed the handling of sense info data for HBA's which are auto request sense capability ([[Hartmut Birr]])
*Added some more debug messages ([[Hartmut Birr]])
*Fixed the counting of pending irps ([[Hartmut Birr]])
*Use a bitmap for managing the srb extensions ([[Hartmut Birr]])
*Removed the complete request and next request counter ([[Hartmut Birr]])
*Enable the queues for the miniport driver, if they are supported ([[Hartmut Birr]])
*Fixed a bug in ScsiPortCompleteRequest ([[Hartmut Birr]])
*Reduced the size of the necessary inquiry data length to recognize a device as valid ([[Hartmut Birr]])
* Reduced the necessary size of inquiry data to 4 byte. ([[Hartmut Birr]])
* Incremented the active irp counters in SpiAddActiveIrp, because the valid value is necessary in this function while starting new irp's. ([[Hartmut Birr]])
* Do not set the command queueing enable flag in SpiAddActiveIrp, because this is the job of a driver above scsiport. ([[Hartmut Birr]])
* Rewrite scsiport based on [[Eric Kohl]]'s work ([[Aleksey Bragin]])

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