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Silicon Graphics 320/540 Visual Workstation are two PC models produced by SGI which are not IBM-compatible PCs. They are known for using ARC firmware, just like in NT for RISC platforms, with a graphical interface available before the actual OS is booted.


ReactOS is not ported to ARC-based SGI Visual Workstation series yet.

Both 320 and 540 use Pentium compatible CPUs so they could run ReactOS once it's ported.


SGI 320/540 use a proprietary video adapter based on Cobalt chipset. Also it has a firmware that is completely different from a Standard PC BIOS, so a new HAL should be created. Otherwise its hardware is similar to IBM PC, such as PCI bus.

In Windows 2000 there is one known HAL for this platform:

File Name HAL Name
halborg.dll SGI HAL


There are no known emulators of this platform.

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