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Rosapps stands for ReactOS Applications. It is a bunch of applications developed along with ReactOS, but not essential to its functionality.


If you have a [Build Environment]] setup, follow the following steps:

  • Check out with subversion svn://
  • Copy this folder to .../reactos/modules/, where reactos is the directory where you checked out the ReactOS source itself. Do not copy its contents there, but copy the rosapps folder itself. Alternatively you can create a symbolic link instead. To build "rosapps" there are two paths. See below for more details.
    • 1. copy the rosapps folder into the reactos\modules folder
    • 2. link reactos/modules/rosapps to rosapps
       cd ${ROS_SRC_ROOT}/reactos/modules
       ln -s ${ROS_SRC_ROOT}/rosapps rosapps
       cd %ROS_SRC_ROOT%\reactos\modules
       junction rosapps %ROS_SRC_ROOT%\rosapps
  • Eventually you can run "make depends" in the \reactos directory to compile it.