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RosBuild is the ReactOS SVN build-bot. It is based on the BuildBot Project. It automates the compile and upload cycle of the latest revisions in the TRUNK (and the branches) of the SVN repository.It automatically rebuilds the tree for each revision and uploads them here

The buildbot itself runs on its server and there are two ways of viewing the status of buildbot and controlling it,

  • Web interface
  • IRC bot

  • Web Interface:

The web interface can be found here It provides a time-based events chart of all important information regarding the present status of the bot and previous builds.

  • IRC bot:

The IRC bot can be found in the official ReactOS IRC channel. It is a quick and easy method of gaining information about the status of the buildbot. The commands are accepted by the IRC bot in the following format, "RosBuild: <command>" NOTE: The bot is highly sensitive to the format, so make sure you follow it.

It supports the following commands,

commands - Display the available commands.
version - Displays the version of the buildbot.
status - Displays the present status of the buildbot.
source - Display the URL of the Buildbot's home page.
help - Display help message.
list builders - Enlist all the builders.