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RosBuild is the ReactOS BuildBot. It automates the compile and upload cycle of the most recent trunk from the SVN repository. As soon as a new commit to the repository is detected, the Buildmaster tells the Buildslaves to rebuild the trunk and upload the ISO images.

RosBuild Status Information

Build Downloads

Nightly trunk builds holds improvements, that are not featured in our official release.

RosBuild Tools

Helpful tools that will help individuals Building ReactOS environment. The Wiki welcome page has detailed articles for development.


See a bug or have a patch? You can post for developers to see under ReactOS JIRA forums.

Server Build Machines

Critical monitoring status healthy/injured tool for any building project.


The Buildmaster runs on a ReactOS Server located in Sweden. The same server also stores the ISO files.


Server OS Version RosBuilder Location Build Time
Buildslave Lammhult Linux 64 Bit Debug Trunk, KVM test, VMware Player test, Release Trunk Sweden Minutes 8
Buildslave Warszawa Windows 7 64 Bit Debug Trunk, CMake, VBox test Poland Minutes 11


The IRC bot can be found in the official ReactOS IRC channels. It is a quick and easy method of gaining information about the status of the buildbot. The commands are accepted by the IRC bot in the following format:

RosBuild: <command>

The bot is highly sensitive to the format, so make sure you follow it. And do not abuse its commands!

Command Description
commands List all available commands.
help command Give help for command.
list builders List configured builders.
last builder List last build status for builder. Replace builder with the builder you wish to see the results of.
status List status of the builders.
source Display the URL of the Buildbot's home page.
version Display version number of the buildbot.
stop build build reason Stop a running build.
watch which Announce the completion of an active build.
force build which reason Force a build.