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* http://amnesia.gtisc.gatech.edu/~moyix/suzibandit.ltd.uk/MSc/
* http://amnesia.gtisc.gatech.edu/~moyix/suzibandit.ltd.uk/MSc/
== Build ==
Registry [[hive file]]s in ReactOS are build with the tool [[mkhive]].
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* Silence some warnings ([[Colin Finck]])
* Silence some warnings ([[Colin Finck]])
[[Category:ReactOS Components]]

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This page should probably serve as a place to document the registry. So let's get started with a few links.


Registry hive files in ReactOS are build with the tool mkhive.


ChangeLog-0.0.17 Major registry improvements; Registry Explorer (console tool) by Nedko Arnaoudov added to the system utilities subtree

ChangeLog-0.0.18 Registry improvements

ChangeLog-0.0.19 Implemented many console & registry functions to get registry explorer running; Registry work

ChangeLog-0.0.20 Registry improvements; Improved registry initialization; Registry-based driver loading for system-start drivers and auto-start drivers; Implemented registry links

ChangeLog-0.1.0 Registry hive locking, packing value names, Deferred hive synchronization

ChangeLog-0.1.1 Registry: Added hive flushing, key deletion, hize syncing; Usetup: Import of default registry settings from .inf files


  • Added regsvr32 (ShadowFlare)




  • Support multi-block bins (Eric Kohl)
  • Added support for including other .inf files while building the standard hives (Filip Navara)
  • Process the "DelReg" section in .inf files (Filip Navara)


ChangeLog-0.2.4 regedit

ChangeLog-0.2.9 regedit


ChangeLog-0.3.4 MKHIVE