ReactOS subsystems

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This page contains the masterlist of all the considered subsystems for ReactOS and their current status.

  • Session Manager (SM(SS))
    • Working but incomplete
  • Win32
    • Actively in progress
  • ROS/2 (OS/2)
    • Unknown
  • PSX
    • Stalled (waiting for the new C/S runtime)
  • Java
    • Unknown
  • XBOX
    • Bootable - lacks USB for key and mouse, then it will hopefully work as ROS works.
      • This is a port, not a subsystem! But there could also be a subsystem. Then you could boot ROS on an XBOX and play XBOX games ;-)
  • DOS
    • Unknown
  • VMS
    • Stalled (waiting for the new C/S runtime)
  • OpenSTEP
    • Unknown
  • CoLinux
    • Unknown