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* [http://sourceforge.net/projects/xrdp A simple RDP server for Linux and Windows]
* [http://sourceforge.net/projects/xrdp A simple RDP server for Linux and Windows]
* [http://www.rdesktop.org/ A Remote Desktop Protocol Client]
* [http://www.citrix.com/ Citrix (they made the first Windows Terminal Server)]
* [http://www.citrix.com/ Citrix (they made the first Windows Terminal Server)]

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ReactOS Win32 personality a fully featured multi user operating system with possibilities to log in several users at the same time with an insulated environment for every login. Every login should be able to access the terminal services from any interface with many different protocolls enabling different possibilities depending on protocol, interface and connecton speed.


  • Multi user environment.
  • Possibility to log on remotely or locally via any interface.
  • Possibility to log in several times from the same terminal.
  • Possibility to use two or more sets of keyboard, mouse and screen (Human Interface Device/HID) and associate a login to a certain set of HIDs.
  • Possibility to use RDP, Citrix, XWindows-client, Telnet or VNC as protocol/client.
  • Possibility to give every login an insulated environment much like vmware.
  • Easy managemnet with possibility to take over, see and redirect a session directly from login screen.


Tasks need to be done

  • Multi User Environment
  • Multi HID and key and mouse cursor
  • Multi Display Adapters and Display support
  • Creating support for different protocolls and inserting the different project into ROS
    • UltraVNC
    • Telnet server daemon
    • xrdp project - simple RDP server
    • X-Server for ReactOS