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This page shall give an overview about the steps involved when creating new ReactOS releases.

As of now (2010-10-08), two Release Engineers are working for the ReactOS Project. The tasks are currently split up in a way that one of them primarily takes care about the changelog while the other one does most of the other (simpler) tasks.

We assume that a Changelog Wiki page has already been created after the previous release to allow people to add their important changes as soon as possible. You should also get people to write the official announcement.


  1. Choose a trunk revision to branch from and create a branch ros-branch-X_X_XX. (where X_X_XX is the release version number with replaced dots)
    The SVN command is:
    svn cp svn://svn.reactos.org/reactos/trunk@REVISION_NUMBER svn://svn.reactos.org/reactos/branches/ros-branch-X_X_XX
  2. Start bugging people about getting their Changelog parts done :-)
  3. Create a Wiki page with just the version number as the title (looking like e.g. 0.3.12). You can already add information about the branched revision.
  4. Create a Wiki page called Tests for X.X.XX (see Tests for 0.3.12), so that people can report the state of popular applications/drivers on this release.
  5. Change the identification options in the release branch. (version number, wallpaper, shortcuts, etc.)
  6. Apply some hacks to the release branch to work around known bugs. (if necessary)
  7. Get approvements from involved developers and testers that the code in the branch is ready to be released.
  8. Create packages according to the guide Packaging ReactOS Releases.
  9. Create a tag ReactOS-X.X.XX from the branch. The SVN command is:
    svn mv svn://svn.reactos.org/reactos/branches/ros-branch-X_X_XX svn://svn.reactos.org/reactos/tags/ReactOS-X.X.XX
  10. Upload the packages to SourceForge.net in the OldFiles directory, so that they are not visible yet.
  11. Move the packages to the ReactOS/X.X.XX folder on SourceForge.net shortly before the official announcement is published.
  12. Publish the official announcement on the website and on the ros-announce mailing list.
  13. Add the new version number as an option to the Compatibility Database.