ReactOS Hackfest 2015

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This is an Unfinished Draft!

Join us for the very first ReactOS Hackfest from Friday, 7th August to Wednesday, 13th August 2015, in the German city of Aachen. Discover Germany's most-Western city in the direct neighborhood of Belgium and the Netherlands. Within the historical city center, Aachen offers a scientific environment and a high density of pubs. Let's catch this atmosphere to code the week away and achieve great results as a team!

It is now time to plan your trip! Flights and Accommodation won't get cheaper.


  • Date: Friday, 7th August to Wednesday, 12th August 2015
    You can arrive during Thursday, 6th and depart in the course of Thursday, 13th

  • Location:

    Seminar Building “SemiTemp” at RWTH Aachen University
    Schinkelstraße 15
    52062 Aachen
    Room ST8

    Note: As we probably cannot lock this room, we will bring our components every morning and take them every evening. I can lock them elsewhere though.

  • YOU decide what we focus on during these days. Add your ideas to the Wiki page!

What you should bring

  • Your laptop or computer with display, mouse and keyboard for ReactOS development and testing. If you lack one, please put that on the list.
  • An Ethernet cable

Travelling to Aachen

By plane

Check the following airports in this order and add your booked flight to the list on the Wiki page. We may organize pickups then if enough people land at the same airport, so take the transfer times as hints.

  • Düsseldorf (DUS) and Köln/Bonn (CGN) are popular international airports close to Aachen, offering flights to most destinations. Aachen Hbf is reachable by regional train from there in about 1.5 to 2 hours.
  • Due to Aachen's neighborhood to Belgium and the Netherlands Brussels Charleroi (CRL), Brussels Zaventem (BRU), Liége (LGG) and Eindhoven (EIN) are other options, with a transfer time from 1.5 to 3 hours to Aachen.
  • Another large hub for cheap flights is Niederrhein/Weeze (NRN). The transfer by regional train to Aachen Hbf takes about 2.5 hours.
  • The closest regular airport is actually Maastricht/Aachen (MST), but the possible destinations are limited. It's worth a check though. Transfer to Aachen is only possible by bus though, with a travel time of around 2 hours.
  • As a last resort, you could even fly to Germany's largest airport in Frankfurt (FRA) and take the express train to Aachen. Transfer time here ranges from 2 to 2.5 hours, but this one is expensive.
  • If you happen to own a private jet, you can land at Flugplatz Aachen-Merzbrück and take a taxi into the city. Definitely the fastest option ;-)

By train

Most trains to Aachen stop at Aachen Hbf, so this is the central station you should check. Aachen West is closer to our Hackfest location while Aachen Schanz is right at the hostel I proposed. But this only matters if you're really lazy, since all stations are reachable in walking distance.

By car

You have the address and Google Maps, so I don't need to give you any route directions. Parking in Aachen is often subject to a fee though.

In this case, we're lucky and have around 15 parking spots next to the seminar room. Don't mistake them with the University parking zones though! These are subject to a special permission.

Other addresses for free parking in Aachen:

  • Bleiberger Straße, 52074 Aachen, close to the Backpacker Hostel
    Walking time to the location is 10-15 minutes.
  • Rütscher Straße 182, 52072 Aachen
    Walking time to the location is around 20 minutes.


If you need nothing more than a room for the nights, the Aachen Backpacker Hostel (Mauerstraße 116, 52064 Aachen) is definitely the cheapest option and also close to the Hackfest location. Otherwise, check your favorite hotel booking website for a good offer. Consider Airbnb and Wimdu for private room offers as well.

You don't need to take all your brought components into the hotel room though. I can lock them elsewhere.

Additionally, I will offer 4 sleeping places at my apartment. Contact me if you're interested.

ReactOS Deutschland e.V. can't cover all travel and accomodation expenses. Please contact me, if you need financial support for your participation. Participation mustn't be a matter of your financial situation.

Any open questions?

Just drop me a line at