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The Idea

I think ReactOS should have own game. A simple 2d game, maybe something like Xbill could be cool. The game project should be different project and it should not take time from main developers of ReactOS. When the game is ready it could (or could not) be included in ReactOS. But the more interesting thing here is that everyone can run the game in Windows too and if they have never hear about ReactOS, after they have played the game they could be interested in the ReactOS -project. So the motivation of the game project is to promote ReactOS. The game should give positive impression of ReactOS, so it should not be too agressive against MS.


The main reason for this game project is to promote ReactOS. All big companys have games that promote their products, why should ReactOS make difference. Even US army have they own game (America's Army). EU have game called Food-force and so on.

Project Status


  • Started brainstorming. Gathering ideas and contributers


  • Suggesting game ideas
  • Commenting game ideas


  • Week 18 Voting which game idea to choose (I will set a poll into discussion forums)
  • Week 19-20 Getting more ideas for the choosed game idea (improving the idea)
  • Week 21 Choosing the platform for the game (maybe getting something from other project)
  • Week 21 Choosing the projectmanager from one of the contributers
  • Week 22 Starting project for the game
  • do some initial art work
  • choose chief artist
  • coding (if the choosed platform is good, we may not need lot of coding)
  • first demo (some ReactOS Art implemented to choosed platform)
  • ...

Guidelines for the game project

  • Positive promotion for ReactOS included in the game (not too agressive against MS)
    • Includes ReactOS logo or Reacty or both (important for Windows users who does not know ReactOS)
    • May also include other references to ReactOS (important for Windows users who does not know ReactOS)
  • Works in both Windows and ReactOS (this should be easy)
  • Addictive (you would want to play it forever)
  • GPL
  • Fast project, not too complex game (6 to 12 months?)
  • Should not take time from ReactOS developers (people who have not kernel skills could contribute)
  • Simple controls
  • Does not need long study before you can play it
  • Should appeal to casual gamers
  • Levels (or whatever) should be kept short to enable casual gaming. (You should be able to play the game every now and then without losing the track of the game/story). Maybe even show replay of 10 last seconds since save/quit before actually letting the player play. ("Previously seen on Reacto") [crap]


Here is few game ideas. Add your comments for any idea or add your own suggestion for game. Later we will vote which one to choose.

  • Ballgame by RomanH
    • It should include ReactOS logo or Reacty somehow (Sami)
    • still needs a lot of work :-) (RomanH)
    • Maybe the balls could be atoms in different colors (Harteex)
    • <your comments here>
  • ReactRacer (TuxRacer with ReactOS art)
    • Replace Tux with Reacty
    • <your comments here>
  • ReactBubble (Frozen Bubble with ReactOS art)
    • <your comments here>
  • Super Reacty. A simple side-scrolling jump'n'run game (with ReactOS art)
    • Platform: SuperTux (
    • something like Super Mario, Giana Sisters, etc. (RomanH)
    • could include Reacty as the main character (RomanH)
    • enemies could be pieces of bloatware and malware (gracefully depicted and drawn, of course) (AcetoliNe)
    • enemies could also be bugs in the system, which you have to destroy (AcetoliNe)
    • The story
      • Reacty is lost into OS-land and finding his way to the net. Reacty is small and not really noticed but the larger OSs, His Mission is to find the coders that will set the world free, He must find the the core coders on the way and the coders will help him to grow bigger,(version number goes up after Reacty vists coders, coders to have familar names and tasks) and pass through different kind of hitches (other operating systems have set up barriers and blocks ower the way). Once reacty has visted all the coders he will be able to pass though the gateway and onto the net.There is also lot of evil bugs, malware and bloatware that is trying to kill Reacty. In the end Reacty will find his way into safe and familiar ReactOS -operating system and he can make ReactOS even better and more compatibility by using all the information gathered in his trip. (Sami, remixed by Headstrong)
    • ReactOS logo and webaddress should be included into the the end demo.
    • Reacty has many tools to aid him on his trip:
      • Patch shooter: A device that emits patches and bugfixes, the patch shooter can be used to destroy bugs and patch security holes in the system. (AcetoliNe)
      • Antivirus pill: After consuming this pill, Reacty can successfully avoid infection with malware for a limited time (until the virus definitions expire :). (AcetoliNe)
    • <your comments here>
  • Paintball
    • A FPS shooting game using either the Crystal Space or Cube engine
    • Cube engine is free/opensource and has bot AI code already
    • See engine list below (
    • <your comments here>
  • ReactFighter
    • A fighting game between different OS mascots (Harteex)
  • <your game suggestion here>
    • <your comments here>


Who is Reacty

Reacty is a small and frendly character that lives inside ReactOS and helps the user.

Pictures of Reacty

Here are a few suggestions for the main chracter "Reacty" from users on forum:

Links to other game projects for reference (an RTS engine) (a FPS engine + rudimentary game) (a flash puzzle game. not an open source project)


Sami (brainstorming)

crappish ((overseeing) initial game design process)

RomanH (whatever is needed. some programming skills (C), SDL knowledge, PaintShopPro knowledge)

Floyd (content designer: war2, war3, quake2, quake3, neverwinter) (basic coding skills: c++, php) (basic photoshop skills)

AcetoliNe (artwork: 2d, 3d)(basic coding skills: c, c++)

Headstrong (brainstorming)

Harteex (Basic c/c++ skills, experienced in php (if it is to any use), some art, ideas and general support ;))

<add your name or alias and skills here>