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The ReactOS Project is going to establish an official foundation in Germany. This page shall be used to manage the outstanding questions concerning the establishment.

Current status

Date Information
2008-12-14 After speaking with my friend, who gave me the initial draft of a charter, we agreed on some minor changes (mostly formal changes). The new draft is available at the same Google Docs link, see the protocol for the changes.
2009-01-02 The formal preparations are finally done, now we just have to find a notary operating on our preferred days :-) before we can decide on a final day for the foundation meeting.

Foundation meeting

We need at least 7 people for the foundation meeting. These should be official German-speaking ReactOS developers/helpers living in Germany or its neighborhood.

Please move yourself to the category you belong to and add some dates when you would have time to meet up. Also it would be helpful to know if you'd be available for a board of directors position.

If we have at least 7 people we have to find a place where we can hold the constitutional foundation meeting (useful and well-considered suggestions are welcome):

  • Osnabrück

Dates Matrix

Please add your available dates (if necessary further restrictions) for the constitutional foundation meeting. Use "yes", "no", "unsure" or "xx.xx. only" for all dates.

Person 10./11.01.09 17./18.01.09 24./25.01.09 31.01./01.02.09 7./8.02.09 at
FOSDEM (Brussels)
Colin Finck yes yes yes yes yes yes
Daniel Reimer yes yes yes unsure no no
Danny Götte yes yes yes yes no no
Klemens Friedl
Matthias Kupfer 10.1.09 only yes yes yes yes yes
Christoph von Wittich yes yes yes no no yes
Maarten Bosma yes yes yes yes yes yes
Gregor Schneider yes yes yes no no no
Johannes Anderwald no unsure no no unsure yes
Timo Kreuzer unsure unsure unsure unsure unsure unsure

People ready for the foundation meeting

  • Colin Finck - almost all weekends and very often during the school holiday times in NRW - available for all board of directors positions
  • Daniel Reimer - almost all weekends and very often during the university holiday times (available for all except chairman)
  • Danny Götte - almost all weekends and almost every day without exams (available for all except chairman)
  • Klemens Friedl -
  • Matthias Kupfer - almost all weekends and almost every day if still free (yet) (available for foundation committee)
  • Christoph von Wittich - almost all weekends (but not between the christmas and new years eve)
  • Maarten Bosma - if location is in reach most weekends and weekdays
  • Gregor Schneider - available on weekends until middle february
  • Johannes Anderwald - available during holidays
  • Timo Kreuzer - if location is in reach most weekends and weekdays, depends on job

People to ask

People not available