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This page is to get an overview of PC systems as a whole that worked with ROS. It is not meant to detail how you tested it, what you tested it for, and what specific errors or trials you had to do. For that, you can use the forum or other means. One of the most active topics on the forum about testing ReactOS on real hardware is: ROS testing on real hardware. Even if you start a new topic on the forum try to link to it from that topic.

To have a more formal and structured approach, please fill in the following data in this way:

  1. Name tester
  2. Name/model/brand of the PC, (laptop or desktop)
  3. Name/model/brand of the CPU, GHz
  4. Amount/kind of RAM;
  5. HD brand, GB, kind
  6. Motherboard
  7. Videocard (integrated or not)
  8. Soundcard (integrated or not)
  9. Ethernetcard (integrated or not)
  10. Which version of ROS you used (build, release...if additional builds are successfully used on the same machine, just add it with ; )
  11. Brief comments (specifically related to how well it worked, or reference to detailed testing)
  12. Feel free to update appropriate sections of Supported Hardware page (especially Supported USB Devices)

Real Hardware Testing (rig)

Tester Computer CPU RAM HD Size Motherboard Video Card Sound Card Ethernet Card Revisions Tested (Working / Not Working) Comments & Regressions
Christoph_vW, dreimer, ekohl, ThFabba, janderwald, tkreuzer Dell Latitude D531 AMD Turion 64 X2 1 GB DDR2 80 GB SATA ATI SB600 ATI Radeon X1200 Realtek HD Audio Broadcom 57XX ?? Official ReactOS testing notebook, keyboard works since r62517, touchpad works since r63126, USB does not work
Igor Tsigankov RoverBook Navigator MT7 Intel® Pentium® III 933-1260 256 mb SDRAM PC-133 Toshiba 40 gb 2.5" UDMA-100 SIS 630S SIS 630ST SoundBlaster™ Pro 10Base-T/ 100Base- TX UTP 0.4-SVN 20140617-r63612 http://vk.com/reactos_ru?w=wall-1086956_11406%2Fall
Webunny custom 1 (desktop) Intel P4 1,8 GHz 768 MB SDRAM Seagate 40 GB IDE Aopen mx4bs NVIDIA Vanta 16 MB CMedia-8738 realtek RTL8139C REL 0.3.15; build 61357; 0.3.16 RC1 ; 0.3.16 RC2 ; REL 0.3.16 ; build 62368 ; build 62707 Works as it should, all later builds do not, unless I remove the sound card. Works again with build 61357 (see details testing)
oldman Fujitsu ErgoPro Pentium-2 233 MHz 96 MB 3.2 GB IDE Fujitsu S3 Virge DX PCI None PCI (Realtek 8139c chip) R61281 R61666 R61848 Works
oldman Generic AMD Athlon 64 Processor 3200+ 1 GB ATA 38 GB IDE LANPARTY UT nF3 250 GB MSI (nVidia) on board nVidia on board nVidia R61281 R61640 R61666 R61848 R62224 R62372 Works. The nVidia nForce3 drivers do not currently install.
oldman Dell Latitude D630 Intel Core 2 Duo 2.20Ghz 2 GB ATA ST980813ASG 80GB Dell 0WM416 nVidia G86M [Quadro NVS 135M] Intel 82801H (ICH8 Family) HD Audio Controller Broadcom NetXtreme BCM5755M Gigabit Ethernet PCI R63478 livecd-63712-dbg Fails to install in the first stage at "Building the file copy list ....".

Runs ok (livecd), touchpad works with no problems, I have been able to change the scr res to 1440x900 (monitor default)

oldman Dell Dimension 2400 Intel Pentium4 2.40Ghz 512MB ATA-100 40GB Dell OG1548 (Intel chipset) Intel i845G(L) Integrated Intel 82801DB(M) Broadcom 4401 10/100 Integrated livecd-63712-dbg Fails at kbdhid. Mouse and keyboard are usb. By replacing the USB mouse and keyboard with PS2, lets it go further. CORE-8364
oldman Generic AMD Athlon(tm) 64 X2 Dual Core Processor 3600+ 1GB SATA ?GB BIOSTAR Group GF7025-M2 SE nVidia C68 [GeForce 7050 PV/nForce 630a] Integrated nVidia MCP67 High Definition Audio) nVidia MCP67 Ethernet livecd-63712-dbg USB mouse, PS2 keyboard. Bios (Pheonix) only boots after several attempts.
middings HP Pavilion 7965 (desktop) Intel Pentium 4, 1.7 GHz 1.25 GB PC133 SDRAM Seagate ST34323A, 4.3 GB, Ultra ATA ASUS P4B-LA (Amazon), ASUS/AMI Bios NVIDIA TNT2 M64 AGP 4x 32 MB AC'97, ADI1885 CODEC (integrated) Intel PRO 100/VE, Kinnereth (integrated) 63181; 63269; 63534; 63682 (BootCD) All builds tested boot to desktop but could not install ReactOS's multimedia, audio, and Ethernet drivers. Slipstreamed Intel's network adapter driver into 63534 and 63682. Driver installs but won't run. Device Manager reports Code 31 error.
wildschwein IBM Thinkpad R50e (laptop) Intel Celeron 1.5 GB ?? ?? Intel Extreme Graphics 2 for mobile (82852/82855 GM) DirectSound, AC '97 ?? ?? Works (sound and ethernet not auto-recognised at startup)
gonzoMD IBM Thinkpad T21 (laptop) Intel Pentium III 256 MB ?? ?? S3 Savage Crystal Fusion Intel Pro100+ MiniPCI ?? Works (some difficulty with sound)
ConductiveDielectric Toshiba Tecra 8100 (laptop) Intel Pentium III 128 MB SDRAM 20 GB IDE - S3 Savage/MX(TM) chip w/8MB SGRAM Integrated Xircom RealPort(TM) Ethernet 10/100 RE-100 LiveCD r62260 with removed FLOPPY.SYS With FLOPPY.SYS included (default configuration) boot stops at this screen. When it is removed from the build the BootCD successfully goes through the first stage of installation but BSODs in the second stage. LiveCD, however, seems to work fine. https://jira.reactos.org/browse/CORE-7935
milon Shuttle XPC Intel® Atom D525 Dual Core 1.8 GHz 1 GB DDR3 250 GB SATA Intel MN10 Chipset (board unknown) onboard GMA 3150 onboard onboard 802.11b/g/n, 10 MB/s,100MB/s,1GB/s Latest Test:
No optical drive means USB Booting – suspected source of BSOD
milon Ye Olde Desktop Intel Pentium Dual-Core E5300 2.6 GHz 2 GB 600 GB (Partitioned into 50 GB Win7 and 540 GB storage) Asus P5Q-VM Onboard Onboard D-Link DWA-542 Wireless + Onboard ethernet (Realtek) pre 0.3.15 to 61261 USB Booting is a potential source of BSOD's, but it never successfully booted from CD either
adrian15 Cadox 1998 AMD K6 II – 233 Mhz 160 MB ST34312A ATA 4 GB J-TX98B SiS 5597/5598/6326 VGA (rev 65) (Integrated) CMI8330 (Sound Blaster compatible in Gnu/Linux) (Integrated) None None UNIATA driver seems to hang even when switched with ATAPI driver
roytam DELL GX520 Pentium 4 3.0 GHz (Socket 775) 512 MB 80 GB Intel 945G Intel GMA950 Integrated Analog Devices ADI1981 BroadCom BCM5701 None CORE-7962 for CD Boot, CORE-7963 for USB Boot
roytam DELL Optiplex 330 Pentium E2160 512 MB 80 GB Intel G31 Intel GMA 3100 Integrated Analog Devices ADI1984 BroadCom BCM5787 63477 Live CD
roytam VIA PC2500 VIA C7-D 1.5 GHz 2048 MB 80 GB VIA CN700 + VIA VT8237R Plus VIA CN700 UniChrome Pro Realtek ALC655 VIA VT6103 63477 Live CD CORE-7961
Black_Fox Lenovo T400 (6475-ZUU) laptop Core 2 Duo T9400, 2.53 GHz 4 GB DDR3 160 GB Hitachi HTS723216L9SA60 Lenovo 6475ZUU (Intel GM45 + Intel ICH9M) GMA 4500MHD integrated integrated (TBD) Intel 82567LM ICH9M(E+) 62417, 62552 BootCD fails, LiveCD fails, USB fails (CORE-7968)
Black_Fox Toshiba Satellite A50-101 laptop Pentium M 7150, 1.5 GHz 1 GB DDR 100 GB Seagate ST910021A Intel 82801DB ICH4 Intel 855GME Intel 82801DB/SigmaTel STAC9750-51 Intel PRO/100 VE + Intel PRO/Wireless 2200BG 63429 BootCD worked in the past (2010), will fail due to "Legacy USB->FDD" set to on – issue coming. External drivers: LAN works, STAC97 fails.
c6h6nh2 MSI VR321 VIA C7-M 1 GHz 1024 MB 80 GB VIA VN896+VT8237A VIA Chrome 9 Realtek HD Audio VIA Rhine II/Atheros AR5007EG wireless 62528 Install only standard uniprocessor, installing sound card or video card drivers going to BSOD
c6h6nh2 IBM ThinkPad A31 Intel P4-M 1.6 GHz 512 MB 20 GB Intel 82801/82845 ATI Mobility Radeon 7500 16 MB DDR AC'97/Intel 82801 Intel PRO/100 VE 62528 Sound card works, install video card driver going to BSOD
eersoy93 Toshiba Satellite A210-199 AMD Athlon 64 X2 TK-57 3 GB DDR2 250 GB ATI SB600 ATI Radeon X1200 Realtek HD Audio ??? 59002, 59456, 59992 (LiveCD), 59992 (BootCD), 60147 (LiveCD), 60147 (BootCD) See more information: CORE-6791
eersoy93 Lenovo G580 Intel Core i5-3320M 4 GB DDR3 500 GB LENOVO Product Name (U3E1) Intel HD Graphics 4000 and NVIDIA GeForce 610M HD Audio Qualcomm Atheros AR8162/8166/8168 PCI-E Fast Ethernet Controller 63131 (LiveCD) Everse SM-302 USB mouse doesn't work. I couldn't connect to my modem (NetMASTER CBW-700V) via wireless and Ethernet cable.
Zombiedeth custom Intel Pentium 4 631 3 Ghz 3 GB DDR2 N/A Intel D945GTP Intel 945G (integrated) Sigmatel Stac9220 (integrated) Intel Pro/1000PM (integrated) 63643 (LiveCD) Logitec K120 USB Keyboard doesn't work.
Tester Computer CPU RAM HD Size Motherboard Video Card Sound Card Ethernet Card Revisions Tested (Working / Not Working) Comments & Regressions