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#REDIRECT [[Opengl32.dll]]
* Beginnings of ReactOS's OpenGL32 ([[Gregor Anich]] and [[Royce Mitchell|Royce Mitchell III]])
* More groundwork for ICD support ([[Gregor Anich]])
* Initial implementation of OPENGL32_LoadDrivers(), call it on PROCESS_ATTACH ([[Royce Mitchell|Royce Mitchell III]])
* Changed GLFUNCS_MACRO to support C implementation of functions, added MSVC asm version of gl functions, links now, driver and GLRC lists protected by mutexes, added some breakpoints, and fixed 1 or 2 Drv prototypes ([[Gregor Anich]] and [[Royce Mitchell|Royce Mitchell III]])
* More WGL functions implemented, bugfixes and found out how to get the driver name from/for a HDC ([[Blight]])
* Fast proxy functions now exported by nasm code. opengl32 builds and links with both mingw and VC6 ([[Royce Mitchell|Royce Mitchell III]])
* rosglChoosePixelFormat implementation and small bugfixes to rosglCreateLayerContext ([[Gregor Anich]])
* Fast proxy functions fixed, loads in win2k and succeeds creating the context but then crashes ([[Gregor Anich]])
* ExtEscape call fixed and simple version of wglGetPixelFormat implemented ([[Gregor Anich]])
* Work so that simple GL programs should work if you have hardware-accelerated video drivers installed ([[Gregor Anich]])
* Import of OpenGL Utility library ([[Filip Navara]])
*Various fixes for OpenGL ([[Gregor Anich]])
* NVIDIA OpenGL hardware acceleration works ([[Gregor Anich]])
OpenGL support up to at least version 1.4 has been in ReactOS for some time.
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