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OLPC XO-1 is the first laptop in the OLPC series also known as "One Laptop Per Child". It's not an IBM-compatible PC and it doesn't support booting Windows. However it's known for open software and hardware based on AMD Geode LX CPU. It runs Open Firmware instead of a traditional PC BIOS.


  • CPU: AMD Geode LX-700 @ 433 MHz
  • RAM: 256 MB (133 MHz, DDR266 DRAM)
  • Motherboard: AMD Geode CS5536 Chipset
  • Graphics: AMD Geode LX Video (Himax HX8837, 2 MB video SDRAM)
  • Storage: 1 GB (SLC NAND flash memory); SD/MMC slot
  • Network: Marvell 802.11b/g WLAN; 802.11s Mesh WLAN
  • Audio Controller: AMD Geode CS5536 Audio (ADI AD1888 AC'97 Codec)


Alexey Bragin attempted to port ReactOS to OLPC XO-1 in early summer 2007. The latest commit in his branch dates back in 2009, so currently the port is unmaintained. There is no exact known reason why development of the port stopped, it could be either due to the lack of stable USB stack, the problem with CMPXCHG8B instruction unrecognized by AMD Geode CPU, or the problem with PCI device specifics.

Here is free translation of his blog post:

«Currently the port is in the BTest-3 stage development, and there are some good news, especially regarding the hardware. There are 4 USB ports, audio input and output, stereo sound, web camera with a photo-sensor, waterproof keyboard, touchpad (at the center) + digitizer tablet (entire space split into three sections), Wi-Fi of course (there are "ears" antennas at left and right), and also a feature to rotate the display for reading e-books».

«Screen resolution - 1200x900, it can work either in color or monochrome mode (latter is nice for reading text - it achieves maximum resolution in this mode)».

«ReactOS will work on it soon (currently there is a problem with USB driver, but the bootloader and simple video driver are ready)».

Fireball (talk) 12:28, 4 July 2007 (UTC)

Existing work

  • All commits in OLPC branch in the ReactOS git repository.


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