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* Moved the hardcoded command line string from ntoskrnl to loadros [[Eric Kohl]]  
* Moved the hardcoded command line string from ntoskrnl to loadros [[Eric Kohl]]  
* Use NT-compatible (VPB-based) mounting mechanism [[Eric Kohl]]  
* Use NT-compatible (VPB-based) mounting mechanism [[Eric Kohl]]  
== KERNEL ==
* Implemented and fixed several ACL and SD functions [[Alexandru Matei]]
* Improved memory management functions [[David Welch]]
* Improved cache functions ([[David Welch]], [[Hartmut Birr]])
* Object manager fixes [[Hartmut Birr]]
* Some assembler optimizations for i386 [[Hartmut Birr]]
* IO improvement ([[Hartmut Birr, [[David Welch]]
* IO support for booting from a CDROM [[Eric Kohl]]

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  • Added multiboot support to ntoskrnl
  • Kernel can bow be booted with GRUB


Kernel (Is this the right one?)

  • Section and general memory manager enhancements
  • Changed irq handler from C to assembler
  • Established forwarded exports
  • Implemented profiling
  • Initial work on exception handling
  • DMA support
  • Kernel debugger
  • Trace facility
  • Added Intel MultiProcessor Specification support
  • Began building PnP manager device tree
  • Registry improvements
  • Work on the filesystem cache
  • Named pipe improvements
  • Implemented atoms in ntoskrnl
  • Enabled FASTCALL calling convention
  • Rewrote stack allocation





  • Implemented NtCreateToken and fixed up NtQueryInformationToken() Joseph Galbraith
  • Minimize access to the module object via the object manager. Eric Kohl
  • Use module list for internal module management. Eric Kohl
  • Protect module list with a spinlock. Eric Kohl
  • Registry improvements: Eric Kohl
    • Improved registry initialization
    • Registry-based driver loading for system-start drivers and auto-start drivers
    • Implemented registry links
  • PICE now loaded automatically Eric Kohl
  • Improved thread support David Welch
  • Fixed a long-standing hack to open symbolic link objects Eric Kohl
  • Implemented the ability to create suspended threads Eric Kohl
  • Implemented binary tree, splay tree and hash table routines Casper Hornstroup
  • Moved the hardcoded command line string from ntoskrnl to loadros Eric Kohl
  • Use NT-compatible (VPB-based) mounting mechanism Eric Kohl







  • Implementation of Ke(Save/Restore)FloatingPointState (Gé van Geldorp)
  • Made existing eventpair code more efficient and added support for associating eventpairs with * threads and signaling them that way (Skywing)
  • RtlRaiseException user mode implementation (Vizzini)
  • KiRaiseUserExceptionDispatcher/KeRaiseUserException to raise user exceptions from kernel mode (Vizzini)
  • Implemented the allocation type NonPagedPoolCacheAligned/NonPagedPoolCacheAlignedMustS (Hartmut Birr)
  • Process fixes (Hartmut Birr)
  • Plug and Play manager improvements (Filip Navara)
  • Implemented NtUnloadDriver(), partial IoGetDeviceProperty(), IoGetDmaAdapter(), IoIsWdmVersionAvailable(), ExFreePoolWithTag (Filip Navara)
  • Check for presence of \reactos\ntoskrnl.exe instead of REACTOS disk label to identify the boot cdrom device (Eric Kohl)



  • Improved implementation of IoMapTransfer, Implemented KeRemoveDeviceEntryQueue (Gunnar Dalsnes)