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{{Code history|dll/win32/msvcrt}}
== External links ==
*[[wikipedia:Microsoft Windows library files#Msvcrt.dll and variants]]
Msvcrt.dll is the Microsoft Visual C++ Run-Time for Visual C++ version 4.2 to 6.0. It provides programs compiled with these versions of Visual C++ a typical set of library functions required by C and C++ programs. These include string manipulation, memory allocation, C-style input/output calls, etc.
It has also shipped with Windows versions since Windows 2000 for use by other Windows components. In older versions of Windows, programs which linked against Msvcrt.dll were expected to install a compatible copy in the System32 folder, but this contributed to DLL Hell.
Versions of Visual C++ before 4.0 and since 7.0 have used differently named DLLs for each version (msvcr20.dll, msvcr70.dll, msvcr71.dll, etc.). Applications are required to install the appropriate version.
* Added many functions to msvcrt library
* MSVCRT: Added binary and unicode file IO support to msvcrt ([[Robert Dickenson]])
* Msvcrt: Implemented _spawnlp ([[Hartmut Birr]])
* Port of WINE __CxxFrameHandler and C++ functions ([[Steven Edwards]])
* Make printf flush the output stream ([[Mike Nordell]])
* Fix environment variable handling ([[Mike Nordell]])
*Patch to get Microsoft Paint closer to working ([[Michael Fritscher]])
*Handle characters outside first page ([[Ge van Geldorp]])
*Handle invalid Unicode strings for %S format like MS does ([[Ge van Geldorp]])
*Made some flags for the flag value from the FILE structure compatible with the mingw headers ([[Hartmut Birr]])
*Use _IO_LBF instead of _IOLBF, because _IOSTRG and _IOLBF has the same value ([[Hartmut Birr]])
*Fixed _chmod and _wchmod ([[Hartmut Birr]])
*Don't change the environment block if the number of variables has not changed (in BlockEnvToEnviron) ([[Hartmut Birr]])
*Use a copy of the environment strings (in BlockEnvToEnviron) ([[Hartmut Birr]])
* Fixed some pointer increments/decrements. ([[Hartmut Birr]])
* Fixed some 'dereferencing type-punned pointer will break strict-aliasing rules' warnings on higher optimisation levels. ([[Hartmut Birr]])
* Enabled the declaration of DbgPrint because they is used in DPRINT and CHECKPOINT macros. ([[Hartmut Birr]])
* Housekeeping on some code imported from Wine ([[Steven Edwards]], [[Filip Navara]])
* Allow always shared read for a file which is opened for read only. ([[Hartmut Birr]])
* made timezone buffers large enough to avoid buffer overflow caused by Firefox/Thunderbird ([[Thomas Weidenmueller]])
* Everything moved into crt.lib
* Fix C++ exception handling ([[Gé van Geldorp]])
* Implemented wgetmainargs. Fixed the allocating of argv if a empty cmd line is given. Fixed the allocating of pgmptr. ([[Hartmut Birr]])

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