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{{Code history|dll/win32/mmdrv}}
*Work on various functions ([[Aleksey Bragin]])
* Implement GetDeviceCapabilities, GetDeviceCount for modMessage.
* Implement GetDeviceCapabilities implement GetDeviceCapabilities and GetDeviceCount for midMessage.
* Remove hardcode of Find one device of midiout and wavout now scan for WaveOutXX, WaveInXX, MidiInXX, MidiOutXX, AuxXX.
* Implement AUXDM_GETVOLUME, AUXDM_SETVOLUME which completes auxMessage.
* Implement more case to widMessage, remove the stub of  ThreadCallWaveDevice and implement it there it need it.
* Implement some part of waveopen.
* Implement parts of waveThread.
* Implement WaveThreadSetData, WaveThreadGetData.
* Implement soundGetData and WaveThreadSetState, implement soundSetData.
* Sound now partly working in windows. ([[Magnus Olsen]])

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Commit history (Source code can be found in: /reactos/dll/win32/mmdrv)