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This page is supposed to contain a list of APIs, Functionality, COM Interfaces, drivers, application, extensions or other that Windows has but ReactOS doesn't. There are other similar pages in this wiki that might help, e.g. Version Status, Community Funded Ideas and Roadmap. This page is intended as a list of general tasks that need to be done in ReactOS. If a certain component already exists, consider filing a bug report.


Win32 features

Introduced in Windows XP

  • Image Mastering API (needed for many cd writing applications)
  • Data Protection API (only stub needed) (required for IE 7+)
  • Window ghosting (A window manager feature that lets the user minimize, move, or close the main window of an application that is not responding)
  • Visual Styles http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/bb773187(VS.85).aspx

Introduced in Windows Vista

Introduced in Windows 7