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This page is supposed to contain a list of APIs, Functionality, COM Interfaces, drivers, application, extensions or other that Windows has but ReactOS doesn't. There are other similar pages in this wiki that might help, e.g. Version_Status, Community Funded Ideas and Roadmap. This page is intended as a list of general tasks that need to be done in ReactOS. If a certain component already exists, consider filing a bug report.


Win32 features

Introduced in Windows XP

  • Image Mastering API (needed for many cd writing applications)
  • Data Protection API (only stub needed) (required for IE 7+)
  • Window ghosting (A window manager feature that lets the user minimize, move, or close the main window of an application that is not responding)
  • Visual Styles http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/bb773187(VS.85).aspx

Introduced in Windows Vista

Introduced in Windows 7