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Here is are the rules that form the Code of Conduct for any user of ReactOS Mattermost. Please be aware that you need to abide by these rules and feigning ignorance of their existence is not sufficient excuse, they are simple rules of the type that can be found anywhere on the internet.

The ReactOS project is not responsible for the opinions expressed on Mattermost. Unless otherwise stated and verified, any position taken by a member of any of these channels, regardless of association with the project, does not represent the position of the project.

1. Be polite, be courteous, be civil.

Common courtesy seems to be lacking on the internet but it is something that we will enforce here. This is not a matter of respect, it is a matter of treating others the way you want to be treated. Violation of this rule will result either in your messages being deleted, temporary removal of your account or deletion altogether, depending on the severity, frequency of infractions and response to warnings. It will be up to the moderators and administrators to determine in their own judgement which punishment is appropriate. Common use of expletives in language aimed towards others is to be avoided, use of expletives to insult or abuse others is completely disallowed. Intelligent use of language and adult forms of discussion are expected to be the norm on ReactOS Mattermost so there should never be a need to swear or curse others.

2. No spamming.

Whether it be blatantly creating links to porn sites or trying to use ReactOS as a way to boost your own site's Google ranking, this is something we frown upon. There are all types of spam and it will again be up to the moderators and administrators to decide whether something is spam. Lesser infractions will probably result in warnings initially. Other forms of spamming include continuous promotion of your own agenda, repeatedly asking the same question in different forms, failing to heed requests to stop bombarding Mattermost channels with statements or queries when you have been asked to stop multiple times. Spamming may result in an automatic deletion of your ReactOS user account. This will ban you not just from Mattermost but also from the forum and JIRA.

3. No channel hijacking.

Mattermost is divided into three main locations, town square, off-topic and development though there are other locations for specific discussions. Off-Topic is for discussions that do not relate to ReactOS, technical questions on other subjects and general trivia. Political discussions belong here alone. Please see rule 1. in the Mattermost code of conduct for what is allowed in the off-topic channel regarding the use of expletives and language meant to abuse or insult. There will be no discussion that is designed to personally insult people in the chat. TownSquare is a location for general discussion regarding ReactOS and directly related subjects. The Development channel is specifically for ReactOS development and not just coding in general.

4. No discussion of how to carry out illegal activities or advertisement thereof.

This includes how to find warez and other illegal downloading activities. This is a bannable offense. Keep Mattermost clean. Discussion of, posting links to or suggesting the use of any banned materials such as leaked Microsoft source code that could result in a copyright infringement or a breaking of Microsoft's EULAs will not be tolerated. This is a bannable offense, you may not be warned. Just do not do it, ever.

5. Any forms of trollish behaviour will not be allowed on any of the channels. Do not stalk other users, do not start flamewars designed to inflame emotions, do not use these channels as a location where you can pick on others that you do not happen to like personally. Keep your character at home and bring your best side to ReactOS Mattermost.


More rules will be added as the situation warrants.

Note: The Moderators word is final. Once you are banned, you are banned, it is not down to the ReactOS community to remember why you were banned nor do we have to prove what you did in the past was wrong. There is no automatic right of appeal. It is down to you to prove your actions and intent are no longer a threat to the community and its rules. You can do that by being positive toward ReactOS, contributing in some external manner that shows your altered intent.