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| Sizegrip Shadow? (rtl languages)
| Sizegrip Shadow? (rtl languages)

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The Marlett font contains characters used for many user controls. As some of them look quite similar, this page shall give an overview about them and illustrate their usage under Windows XP (in Windows95-look-mode).

Character Reference

Usages need to confirm are marked with ?. "ltr-languages" marks special symbols for languages which write from left to right like Arabic, Hebrew or Persian.

ASCII Text character Usage
48 0 Minimize Button of an application's taskbar
49 1 Maximize Button of an application's taskbar
50 2 Restore Button of an application's taskbar
51 3 Left Button of a scrollbar
52 4 Right Button of a scrollbar
53 5 Up Button of a scrollbar
54 6 Down Button of a scrollbar/Down Button of a Drop-Down Box/Combo Box
55 7
56 8 Right Button to open a menu's submenu
57 9
97 a Checkmark of a menu
98 b Checkmark of a checkbox
99 c Outer right of a checkbox
100 d Outer left of a checkbox
101 e Inner left of a checkbox
102 f Inner right of a checkbox
103 g Center of a checkbox
104 h Bulletpoint of a menu
105 i Bulletpoint of a radiobutton
106 j Outer right of a radiobutton
107 k Outer left of a radiobutton
108 l Inner left of a radiobutton
109 m Inner right of a radiobutton
110 n Center of a radiobutton
111 o Sizegrip Light?
112 p Sizegrip Shadow?
113 q
114 r Close Button of an application's taskbar
115 s Help Button of an application's taskbar
116 t
117 u
118 v
119 w Left Button to open a menu's submenu? (rtl languages)
120 x Sizegrip Light? (rtl languages)
121 y Sizegrip Shadow? (rtl languages)