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Application Information

Title/Summary: Login System
Student: Justin Haygood
Student Major: Computer Science
Student Degree: Undergrad
Student Graduation: 2009
Assigned Mentor: Thomas Weidenmueller

Detailed Description

I plan on developing on a graphical login system for ReactOS, using a compatible system with Winlogin/GINA.

Goals Include

  • Ability to graphically login and logout a user at boot and beyond
  • Abstracted authentication sources via GINA for interactive logins
  • Clean up Winlogin to use GINA interfaces
  • Provide real local authentication
  • Provide a 'Welcome Screen' type login that's used optionally for local authentication sources

Future Goals Include

  • Provide Windows NT domain / Active Directory login via SMB (once ReactOS has working SMB)
  • Provide a 'runas' function, integrated into the shell and a 'runas' command line program, that uses the Secondary Logon service
  • Better user management

Other Stuff

While I have no experience in GINA, I pick up APIs extremely quickly. I do have experience in C/C++ (I believe this project will be all C) and the Windows API, and have participated in many <otheros> to Win32 porting projects (Novell Evolution, AppleWebKit recently) and the MinGW development tools.

Timeline for completion

  • Planning, API Research, Code Review (Completed May 31st, 2006)
  • Determine related changes to be done for ReactOS (Completed June 5th, 2006)
  • Work on changes (June 10th, 2006)

Vacation: June 10, 2006 - June 18, 2006 in Toronto, ON

  • Continue working on changes (June 20th, 2006)
  • Create an authentication source for local login compatible with both Windows 2000/XP and ReactOS (June 25th, 2006)
  • Create a GINA that works with both Windows 2000/XP and ReactOS (July 15th, 2006 at the latest)
  • Fix any changes to Winlogin that will be needed for ReactOS to use the new GINA (July 20th, 2006). For all practical purposes, project is usable as of this point.
  • Fix any remaining bugs (August 10th, 2006). Technically "done".

If time allows:

  • Work on a "Welcome Screen" type login similar to Windows XP that uses the local authentication GINA.


Status of Project

Although Google considers this project to be abandoned, and indeed the student blog has not seen an entry since the end of May, the goals of this project are currently being implemented by Hervé Poussineau. As of 03 August 2006, a graphical Windows 2000 style login system has been committed in SVN revision #23424. Also shutdown,restarting and unlocking has been implemented in #23433 and the code for locking and unlocking a workstation has implemented in #23434. On 6/8/06 logging off and then logging on has been fixed 23501. On 10/8/06 the code to start a screensaver from winlogon was added but is non-functional due to various bugs in ReactOS, see 23540. Also on 10/8/06 the Login system was given Unicode support and stubs for Locking and Unlocking a workstation has been added, see 23541.