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*[[Translating introduction|ReactOS itself]]
*[[Translating introduction|ReactOS itself]]
== Translation software ==
[[ROS Translation Management]] - php website to keep track of translations
== People available for certain languages ==
== People available for certain languages ==

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This page's intent is to collect information about translation of the website, apps and the people capable to do that.

Translation tables for languages

According to recent decision in mailing lists, this glossary/dictionary won't exist in the Wiki, but in some other form, preferably XML document. I think for now we're going to stick to Wiki. I don't recall why we didn't like that solution, but I think for now it's the simplest and efficient to do.

Unified Dictionary

Introduction to translating

If you would like to translate ReactOS into your native language, but you don't know how to do it, here is an article to help you to get started: Translating introduction

Translation of the wiki

Please ensure to use the Language templates in your article.

Status of translation


The new ReactOS Content Management System works well. The website translation process will start in a few days.

-> Please add more contents to this wiki page!


Currently, website translation is being stopped until new CMS is installed. But process of ReactOS itself translation is going fine.

Things to be translated

Translation software

ROS Translation Management - php website to keep track of translations

People available for certain languages


    • Violin Iliev (violin@developer.bg)

Czech And Slovak

    • Filip Navara (xnavara_replace_this_by_at_volny.cz)
    • Fero Vlkolinsky (f.vlkolinsky_replace_this_by_at_zoznam.sk)


    • CaoCao (ccao_replace_this_by_at_myrealbox.com)
    • BSCH (bsch1983_replace_this_by_at_gmail.com)
    • Larry Li (larry_replace_this_by_at_mimios.com)
    • Tobias Ussing (tobiasthecommie_replace_this_by_at_hotmail.com)
    • wenbob (wenbob_replace_this_by_at_gmail.com)
    • wind (wind19831201_replace_this_by_at_163.com)
    • billyswong (billyswong_replace_this_by_at_gmail.com)


    • Mark IJbema (LC) ( mark@mostly-harmless.nl / vandread )
    • Timothy Schepens (tischepe_replace_this_by_at_fastmail.fm)
    • Emil (ROS_replace_this_by_at_Q-Collective.org)
    • Jasper van de Gronde (th.v.d.gronde_replace_this_by_at_hccnet.nl)
    • Lionel Lowie (i386DX -at- hotmail.com)


    • Berend Ytsma (berendy_replace_this_by_at_gmail.com)


    • Mikael Nousiainen ( turja_replace_this_by_at_mbnet.fi / Turja )


    • Rick Langschultz (absleadcoder_replace_this_by_at_cox.net)
    • Momo (mailtomomo_replace_this_by_at_free.fr)
    • Samuel (samuel.vanneste_replace_this_by_at_tiscali.fr)
    • Benoît (benoit.ansieau_replace_this_by_at_wanadoo.fr)
    • Jérôme Signouret (ggcom_replace_it_by_at_tele2_dot_fr)
    • G.Maton alias zoken (mustang9_replace_it_by_at_gmail_dot_com)
    • Benoit Plante (cmoibenlepro_replace_it_by_at_hotmail_dot_com)


    • Ashran (ashran_replace_this_by_at_hackersquest.org)
    • Theodor Reppe (theodor #AT# reppes.de)
    • Jorg Abderhalden (jda_replace_this_by_at_abderhalden.cx)
    • Bjorn Fischer (thebear80_replace_this_by_at_gmx.net)
    • Michael Fritscher (michael_replace_this_by_at_fritscher.net)
    • Thomas Weidenmueller (w3seek)
    • David Flechl (webmaster_replace_this_by_at_wishmaster.at)
    • Max (max.hohenegger_replace_this_by_at_fh-rosenheim.de)
    • RobertK
    • Fabian Kupferschmid (ich-m_replace_this_by_at_g-kein-spam.com)
    • Sascha Gehrke (mail_replace_this_by_at_redviper.net)
    • Stefan Pflueger (stefan_replace_this_by_at_homepage4us.de)
    • Martin Rottensteiner (martin2004_replace_this_by_at_speed-tiscali.at)
    • Michael Wirth (TP)
    • Patrick Mächler (valio_replace_this_by_at_gmx.ch / Valio)
    • Klemens Friedl (frik85_replace_this_by_at_hotmail dot com)
    • e7 (e7online %at_home_at% webºde)
    • Stephan Verbücheln (Erlenmayr_replace_this_by_at_gmail_dot_com)
    • David Hinz (hinz.david [aT] gmail d.0.t com)
    • Friedrich Stange (dj_smith_reactos #AT# online.de)
    • Christian Heffner (mail_replace_this_by_at_pellesc_dot_de)

Greek (Hellenic)

    • Stellios Plainiotis (stelpl_anotherhotmailaccount)
    • jifix (jifix@mail.gr)
    • Apostolos Alexiadis (djapal@gmail.com)
    • Andreas Ntakas (freedatanow@yahoo.com)


    • Liron Ben-David (rosheb@gmail.com)
    • Yochai Meir (rosheb@gmail.com)


    • Robert Horvath - Talley (talley_replace_this_by_at_cubeclub.hu)
    • Gergely Risko - Cake
    • Peter Nagy - Kritika (nagylakas_replace_this_by_at_gmail.com)
    • Peter Lukacs - Hungi (lukacs.peter_replace_this_by_at_rtk.pte.hu)


    • Björgvin Ragnarsson (nifgraup_replace_this_by_at_hotmail.com)

Irish Gaelic

    • Rick Langschultz (absleadcoder_replace_this_by_at_cox.net)


    • Vincenzo Petrucci (vincenzo.petrucci_replace_this_by_at_gmail.com)
    • Lorenzo (garbage_replace_this_by_at_loz.it)
    • Federico (larsss_replace_this_by_at_jumpy.it)
    • Daniele (dforsi_rreplace_this_by_at_gmail.com)
    • >>Forward Agency (fwdprojectsREMOVE@THISemail.it)


    • Masahiro Taguchi (mtg_replace_this_by_at_ce.wakwak.com)
    • tsk (tsk_n_replace_this_by_at_mail.goo.ne.jp)
    • 3 (i_have_a_lot_of_mp3player_replace_this_by_at_yahoo.co.jp)


    • Andrius Prekevicius (info_at_reactos_dot_lt)
    • Kestutis Snieska (sniekest_at_saule_dot_pit_dot_ktu_dot_lt)
    • Mindaugas Juzenas (mynde_at_agurkas_dot_com)
    • Audrius Rensonas (audriuz_at_fremail_dot_lt)


    • Hossein Noorikhah (hossein_noorikhah@yahoo.com)


    • Sebastian Gasiorek (sebastian(dot)gasiorek(at)gmail.com)
    • Jakub 'darkjames' Zawadzki (darkjames(at)darkjames(dot)ath(dot)cx)
    • Karol 'viod' Stelmaczonek (viod(at)op(dot)pl)
    • Emil Kaczmarek (realszopen(at)gmail(dot).com)


    • Stian Hole (stian.hole(alfa)gmail.com)
    • Lars Martin Hambro (lars_martin4@hotmail.com)


    • PauloSilva (correasilvaattugamaildotpt)
    • João Jerónimo Barata de Oliveira (j_j_b_o AT sapo DOT pt)

Portuguese Brazilian

    • Nabucodonosor Coutinho (aspidebr@hotmail.com)
    • Vitor Hugo Mattos Pereira (vhmp.web[at]gmail.com)
    • Bruno Souza Cabral (buscavida@terra.com.br
    • Diogo Teixeira Rossato (diogor@tudoparana.com)


    • Alexander Ciobanu (alex_replace_this_by_at_prodidactica.md)
    • Sebi Onofrei


    • Mikhail Y. Zvyozdochkin (LC) (mzvyozd_replace_this_by_at_narod.ru)
    • Alexander Ciobanu (alex_replace_this_by_at_prodidactica.md)
    • Aleksey Bragin (TC) (aleksey_replace_this_by_at_reactos.com)
    • Semyon Novikov (tappak_replace_this_by_at_freemail.ru)
    • Sergey Perevozchikov (seper_replace_this_by_at_mail.ru)
    • Dmitry Philippov (shedon_replace_this_by_at_mail.ru)
    • Anton Belitsky (fidoworld_replace_this_by_at_mail.ru)


    • Rick Langschultz (absleadcoder_replace_this_by_at_cox.net)
    • Waldo Alvarez (wac_replace_this_by_at_ghost.matcom.uh.cu)
    • Jorge Pérez Burgos (jorge.perez_replace_this_by_at_adaptia.net)
    • Jacob Martin (suelyn_replace_this_by_at_email.it)
    • Francisco José Cañizares Santofimia (telefrancisco_replace_this_by_at_zwallet.com) [ Mother language ]
    • Lucio Diaz-Flores Varela (reactos_translate_replace_this_by_at_yahoo.es) [ Mother language ]
    • Jose Pedro Fernández Pascual (huma2000_at_terra_dot_com) [Mother language] -> Translating main site and making a spanish keyboard layout.
    • Samwise52 (samcharly_at_hotmail_dot_com)
    • Sarocet (Sarocet_at_spymac_dot_com) Template:Es.


    • Andreas Bjerkeholt (harteex[at]gmail.com)
    • David Nordenberg (dnordenberg [at] users.sourceforge.net)


    • Artem Reznikov (temarez[at]yandex.ru)


    • Muhammad Waqas Alam (mwalam_uk@yahoo.co.uk)


    • Abdullah Battal (battal84@gmail.com)
    • Engin Çağatay (engincagatay@yahoo.com)