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A simple adapter neutral driver for sending and receiving packets from ndis adapters, querying adapters, and assigning and querying protocol addresses.

It supports these operations:

Read -- Get the next packet that matches our target type Write -- Put a packet on the indicated adapter, building a link layer header as appropriate

LookupAddress -- Match a partial address on the indicated adapter and return the full address. Match can be against either the protocol address or the link layer address.

PushAddress -- Set an address mapping, deleting previous matching protocol addresses.

EraseAddress -- Remove matching address mappings.

EnumAdapters -- Return an array of adapter indices.

Bufferedmode -- Set buffered mode to allow userland use of NtReadFile in lan.sys (mostly testing).

AddAddress -- Set an address association for the indicated adapter. This will be considered to be a local address and will be associated with the adapter's link layer address.

RemAddress -- Remove a local address from the indicated adapter.

AdapterInfo -- Return a struct containing information about the indicated adapter, including its ndis registry key, speed, link layer address, etc.

Sending a packet from LAN.SYS: fill out a LAN_PACKET_HEADER and do WriteFile on it. The specified link layer address will be used as the target address. A zero-length address means broadcast.

Receiving a packet from LAN.SYS: just do ReadFile on a buffer and wait for a LAN_PACKET_HEADER to appear.