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This page is out of date. The docs for the current KDB are on Blight's Wiki until I can get the username/pass to his wiki so I can transfer it here. -WD

Native commands

  • t -- Step one instruction
  • p -- Step one instruction (over calls)
  • finish -- Finish execution of current function
  • bp addr -- Set a int3 breakpoint at addr.
  • ba <0-3> <r,w,e> <1,2,4> addr -- Set hardware breakpoint using register <0-3> on access <r,w,e> size <1,2,4> bytes at addr
  • ba <0-3> -- Unset hardware breakpoint <0-3>
  • bt -- print stack backtrace
  • addr -- Print symbol information of an address (or <module:offset> format)
  • regs -- Prints the general purpose registers
  • dregs -- Prints the debug registers
  • cregs -- Prints the control registers
  • tlist [sys] -- Prints the thread list (sys == without system threads)
  • plist -- Prints the process list
  • x addr len -- Prints the values in memory at addr (addr can be a register) (len is optional and defaults to 1) ex: x esp 10
  • cont -- Continue execution/exit debugger
  • js -- Enter KJS mode (java script)

Keyboard shortcuts

  • tab+k - break into kdbg from anywhere


  • There's a short tutorial in the tree about the kernel javascript debugger at lib/kjs/Kernel_Javascript_Support.html