Install ReactOS on Xbox

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Installing is fairly simple, however there are some prerequisites:

1. You should be able to transfer files to XBox's HDD somehow (best is FTP server, Linux running on xbox ( but you can also attach the HDD to your PC - manuals for this are located on the same great site.

2. Your knowledge how to run custom software on the xbox (you can gain it from the same site).

Steps to install:

1. Copy freeldr.ini/freeldr.sys into root directory of E: drive

2. Copy ReactOS folder from where you have it working (virtual machine, real hdd) to ReactOS folder on E: drive

3. Run modified cromwell (which allows to boot ReactOS or Linux) - you can either flash it to the bios (if you have a modchip, it works very well) or write to the C: drive as .xbe file and run it using a dashboard.

Things to remember:

1. Don't forget to detach your xpad controller because currently reactos won't boot with it

2. Attach your keyboard and mouse before booting into reactos (well, hotplug should work too, but since whole usb stack is now in experimental mode it may not work).

3. It's just fun for now, nothing else. You can browse your xbox's hdd in explorer, as if it's just a pc computer, you can even do some very simple things, but not very much really. But with time - when we finish nvidia network card driver, it's gonna become more interesting since possibilities are endless - there are so plenty of software for Win32 that there is definately something cool you may want to try to run on your XBox :-)