Google Summer of Code 2015 Ideas

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This page lists all project ideas for our Google Summer of Code 2015 application. Students should also visit our general GSoC 2015 page for more information including a Student Guide.

Enhancing web presence of ReactOS

Implement a REST API in testman

Useful for: Developers

For its development, ReactOS project has been using with success for years a complete tools set. Each time a commit is made to our trunk, our buildbot infrastructure ( is in charge of rebuilding trunk and starting a bunch of tests (circa 10M tests) on it to make sure not regressions came in. When these tests are done, they are uploaded to testman (, which makes them properly readable and usable for developers. Over years, the question of being able to catch more or less automatically regressions patterns was raised. Also, regtests provide a good performance indicator for ReactOS and evaluating their performances over commits can be critical as well.

There is then a need to be able to directly query Testman via an API to gather the raw data (tests, time to perform then) so that more tools can make use of these results. The student would then have the responsibility to implement such an API into testman directly.

Skills needed
  • PHP/MySQL development
  • REST API development

The project in itself shouldn't be difficult. Testman is a well-known product develop in-house. But a deep attention will have to be set on security and the performances of the API.


If the student goes fast enough, we will be able to extend this project, by for instance looking at how to develop a skeleton application to make use of the API. Or to directly develop a complete application to evaluate the performances of the tests over time.

Develop a spam honeypot

Useful for: End users

In spite of the deployement of various anti-spam features (including captchas and backlists), ReactOS forum has been the target of repeated spam attacks. These attacks ruined the good shape of boards while requiring extensive time from our admins. The idea here is to attempt a third strategy against spam to allow to automate the fight against spam. The student would have to develop a simple honeypot where spambots could spam providing major information: IP address, email address and message. This done, we could then automatically feed our backlist database for Drupal and phpBB not on assumptions but on facts.

Skills needed
  • PHP/MySQL development
  • Basic knowledge of phpBB & Drupal

This project should be easily completed by a student. This should offer him a bit of time to go into deeper features, described below.


If the student goes fast enough, two options are available for him. He can either develop an admin database so that we can easily review spam data in case of user complain, or he can start thinking about integrating the honeypot with our Drupal & phpBB and evaluation early performances of it. Third option is also available if he has suggestions!

Usability enhancement

Applications Manager Rapps

Useful for: End-users

RAPPS is a lightweight GUI utility which downloads and installs various popular apps and redistributable packages in Windows and ReactOS. It can be significantly improved to become a really useful tool for not only for ReactOS but for Windows users also who want to manage their installed applications like Steam manages games installation/updating.

A list of features to be implemented:

  • Adding command line parameters support to RAPPS. For example: "rapps install chrome" (just like your favourite Linux distro package manager) or "rapps remove msvc2010_redist"
  • Separate download and install, so that a user could choose just to download the apps into a local cache and later install some or all of them (just like Steam does Download, then it asks to Install, or NVidia driver updaters for example)
  • Automatically "install" simple apps by unpacking the archive they come in and execute a script inside it (if any) which creates shortcuts on the desktop
Skills needed
  • WinAPI
  • C language



A chance to work on an app potentially used by many people throughout the world