Google Summer of Code 2011

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Every student new to ReactOS should begin by obtaining the code through our Subversion repository and performing a first build using our ReactOS Build Environment. This environment ensures consistent build results, eliminates the need to setup your own toolchain and makes ReactOS one of the easiest operating systems to build. These first steps are also exemplified in this video. Also every student should subscribe to the ros-dev mailing list and optionally could join the #reactos channel on Freenode’s IRC network for a live discussion with developers.

By default, students will receive a branch in SVN to work on their code. If you prefer a different version control system like Git or Mercurial, please contact our Summer of Code administrator Ged Murphy.

MSDN and plenty of available Windows publications serve as the primary reference for functionality ReactOS seeks to implement. However, there are parts of Windows that are poorly documented or completely undocumented. In these instances, the ReactOS Techwiki may possess descriptions of the data structures or interfaces. The student may have to conduct some research, following project guidelines on respecting intellectual property, and write some documentation of their own if none exists however, though mentors will try to help with any missing gaps.

ReactOS GSoC Adminstrators

ReactOS GSoC Mentor Candidates

Student Application Form

General Information

Full Name
Languages You Speak
myReactOS Account Name
IRC Nickname on Freenode

Time Commitment

Please outline any additional obligations you may have during the summer and how much of your time you will be able to commit to your GSoC project.


Proposed Project

Please provide a brief description of, or a link to, the project you are interested in

Proposed Milestones

For projects that are relatively easy to quantify, please propose milestones that can be used to gauge progress on the project.

Legal Requirements

Students are required to affirm that the following is true. I hereby swear that I have not used nor seen the source code to any version of the Windows operating system nor any Microsoft product that may be related to the proposed project that is under a license incompatible with contribution to ReactOS, including but not limited to the leaked Windows 2000 source code and the Windows Research Kernel.

Ideas List

Google Summer of Code 2011 Ideas


How do we interact with developers? (see
#reactos on Freenode

Besides my mentor, who else is available to help me?

Besides developers not directly involved as mentors, we encourage all of our mentors to interact with students. As such, consider any mentor or developer as a resource to field questions and help as needed.