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- some preliminary testing to make a Games (on) ROS Testing page. Format?:

(See also the 'discussion' tab for this page, so each poster doesn't make his own individual adjustments without telling something about it and the reasons for it, so I and others can evaluate all changes made a bit better. At some point after testing it out, it will have to become a unified, standardised format, after all.


Game Name (Game Genre)


Hello world!

Win Games

Tower Toppler or Nebulus - version 1.1.6


This game seems to work without any problems.

Plee the Bear - version 0.6.0


There are issues with this game, none of the mini games that I have tried, worked, but the tutorial works OK; see the screenshots below.

Open Sonic - version 0.1.4


This game slows down the mouse pointer, but it is not needed, so no problem.

DOS games